Voter doubts about Biden's age persist, with 65 percent saying he's too old to run again

 May 29, 2023

A whopping 65 percent of voters believe 80-year-old Joe Biden is too old to serve another four years in power.

The sobering number comes from a new Quinnipiac survey, just the latest data point to suggest that Biden is facing an increasingly skeptical electorate as he pursues re-election.

With Donald Trump, the results were virtually flipped. 59 percent said he is not too old, while 36 percent said he is.

Biden age concerns

The results are painted by partisanship: majorities of independents and Republicans think Trump is not too old, while Democrats think Trump is too old.

"One candidate is 80, the other 76, but what a difference those four years make. Voters dispute the old saying that age is just a number, to the detriment of the President," Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy said.

Despite voters' widely divergent responses concerning age, a general election re-match between Trump and Biden remains a coin toss, with 48 percent backing Biden and 46 percent going for Trump.

Just a number?

The poll tracks with another survey from last month that found voters were 24 points more likely to find Biden too old compared to Trump, who is just four years Biden's junior.

Biden himself has dismissed concerns with time-tested spin, saying he has "wisdom" from his years.

But his approval ratings say otherwise, with a dismal 38 percent saying they approve of his job performance in the Quinnipiac poll.

Democrats hang on

Although Biden appears to be the presumptive nominee of his party, speculation is still swirling that he will bow out -- if he isn't forced out. The issue is that it's not clear who would take his place.

For now, it appears Democrats are stuck with Biden, and unfortunately, so is the country, at least until the next election.

While Democrats are no longer ignoring the age issue entirely, they're downplaying it as much as possible as the campaign gets into swing.

None other than two-time election loser Hillary Clinton conceded recently that Biden's age is "an issue" even as she insisted that he isn't' getting all the "credit" he deserves. Of course, this is the same Hillary Clinton who just days ago urged 90-year-old Dianne Feinstein to stay in power.

At this point, almost nobody outside Democratic party power circles is actually excited for Biden to run again. But given the intense polarization of the country, to say nothing of unresolved issues with election integrity, Biden shouldn't be underestimated.

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