VP Harris holds surprise lead in hypothetical Dem matchup poll

 December 4, 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris was the leader in a Democratic primary poll for 2024 that asked potential voters who they would choose if President Joe Biden does not run for reelection.

The Zogby Analytics survey showed Harris is a strong lead, far above the next contender, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The results

"The survey’s post-midterm poll showed Biden leading his potential challengers by double digits — by 41 percent. No other potential candidate came close, as Harris came in second place with 11 percent support, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg with nine percent," Breitbart News reported.

However, when Biden is taken out of the equation, Harris takes a solid lead with 32 percent support— 19 percent more than Sanders’ 13 percent. In that scenario, Buttigieg comes in third place (10 percent support)," it added.

2024 uncertainty

Biden offered an odd answer when someone in a crowd recently called for Biden to be in office "four more years." The exchange occurred at the end of his speech at the White House Tribal Nations Summit on Wednesday.

“I don’t know about that,” the president appeared to respond.

Harris also answered in a recent interview that she plans to run with him "if he does."

“Well, as the President said, he intends to run. And if he does, I will be running with him. And I have no doubt about the strength of the work that we have done over these past two years,” the vice president said.

“We have delivered unprecedented relief for the American people through the height of the pandemic," she added.

The awkward exchanges occur as many have questioned whether the 80-year-old president can make it through another four years. If he doesn't run in 2024, many are concerned about who would run as the party's nominee.

So far, Harris is the one leading the polls, a sign that the left has no other strong leader to replace the president or vice president in the next election.

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