VP Harris slams Trump's worldview during Munich Security Conference

 February 17, 2024

Despite everything happening in America, Democrats remain adamant that supporting Ukraine is a top priority, including the top levels of the Biden administration. 

According to the Associated Press, Vice President Kamala Harris recently used her platform to warn that if someone like former President Donald Trump is reelected later this year, "isolation" on the world stage will place "democracy" in danger.

The vice president made a number of remarks, including a repudiation of Trump's worldview, at the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

VP Harris described Trump's approach to global issues as "dangerous," repeating a common Democrat chorus line.

What did she say?

The vice president, who polls as bad or worse than Presiden Joe Biden, made it clear that she believes the Biden administration's approach to what's going on in the world is the best and only way.

"Isolation is not insulation," Harris said at the conference.

While she didn't name Trump, it was clearly implied.

"In fact, when America has isolated herself, threats have only grown. In these unsettled times it is clear America cannot retreat. America must stand strong for democracy. We must stand in defense of international rules and norms and we must stand with our allies."

"However, there are some in the United States who disagree," she contined. "They suggest it is in the best interest of the American people to isolate ourselves from the world, to flout common understandings among nations, to embrace dictators and adopt the repressive tactics and abandon commitments to our allies in favor of unilateral action."

"Let me be clear: that worldview is dangerous, destabilizing and indeed shortsighted," Harris said, again referring to Trump without dropping his name. "That view would weaken American and undermine global stability and undermine global prosperity. President Biden and I therefore reject that view."

Press conference with Zelensky

The vice president held a press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, if you can call it that, as she reportedly only took two questions. The questions were from pre-selected reporters.

Social media users torched Harris and Zelensky.

"I wouldn't trust those two to run the Dollar Store down the street," one X user wrote.

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