Washington State University graduate student arrested for murders of 4 Iowa students

 December 31, 2022

The mystery behind the murders of four Iowa college students saw a massive breakthrough this week after a man called Bryan Christopher Kohberger was arrested as a prime suspect.

According to Fox News, Kohberger, a Washington State University graduate student, was arrested in Pennsylvania on felony burglary and four counts of murder.

The arrest went down in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania on Friday morning, which immediately made the breaking news circuit around the world.

Kohberger's arrest was the culmination of a massive law enforcement tracking mission that took them across the country.

What's known

While police and prosecutors seem to be extremely confident in their suspect, they still haven't released motives or any other relevant information as to why they believe he targeted the four students and murdered them in such a horrendous fashion.

"White Hyundai Elantra-captured in a surveillance video near the Moscow, Idaho scene of now infamous quadruple fatal stabbings-has apparently proven decisive in the arrest of a suspect. 28-year old Bryan Kohberger nabbed by SWAT cops & FBI in Pennsylvania. Car also recovered," Fox News' Geraldo Rivera tweeted.

Tons of other disturbing details have emerged since his arrest.

Neighbors react

Some of Kohberger's neighbors reacted to the news that he'd been arrested for the horrific stabbing of the four Idaho college students.

"I’d see him go check his mail, that was it. Other than that, I’ve only seen him like twice the whole time, and I’ve lived here since July 2021," said Justin Williams, one of his neighbors.

He added that "nothing unusual" was ever witnessed of Kohberger and his activities.

Only time will tell what comes of Kohberger's fate, but it looks like his trial will likely be one for the record books given how much attention it will likely receive.

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