Watch: Illegal immigrants attempt to break into woman's home 50 miles from southern border

 December 30, 2022

Security video from a Texas ranch shows suspected illegal immigrants seeking to break through a door before later entering the home of a neighbor.

Border Patrol was called to intervene, but the men were gone before help arrived.

The situation

“I’ll invite any politician who says this border is secure to come down to Eagle Pass so I can show them personally if it’s secure or not,” Chief Manuel Mello of the Eagle Pass Fire Department said last month about his border town, according to The Daily Wire.

“We’ve got people from all over the world crossing over,” he continued. “You see ’em in town, you see ’em everywhere.”

A major safety concern

"Migrants have killed pets, stolen from shops and knocked on doors late at night in a Texas border town, prompting some residents to arm themselves," Fox News reported.

"The Del Rio sector of the southern border, which includes Eagle Pass, has seen over 376,000 migrant encounters since October 2021, averaging out to nearly 1,100 per day, according to Customs and Border Protection. That's more than double the 183,000 encounters seen the year prior," it added.

Local ranchers in the Del Rio area have reported immigrants killing their animals for food or killing their dogs and stealing from local homes.

Both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have recently said that the border is secure.

The claims, however, contradict what is seen by the evidence near the border. The latest video was 50 miles from the border, yet was not safe.

The border needs some serious policy change and enforcement as many Americans are already feeling the impact of Biden's border crisis.

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