'We are investigating Joe Biden,' top Republican says

 January 9, 2023

The incoming chair of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer (Ky.), sent a warning shot to the White House during a contentious interview with Biden shill Chuck Todd, Republicans "are investigating Joe Biden."

Todd, who is not known for his strong command of English, asked how Comer planned to "de-partisanize" the probe, but Comer wasn't having it.

Republican defends Hunter probe

The Republican noted that most Americans believe that the scandal is legitimate, even as Todd, of NBC's Meet The Press, vaguely asserted that "many people" find the GOP's upcoming probe "more partisan than professional."

"I think the only people that see this as a partisan investigation are the media and the hardcore Democrats,” Comer shot back.

Comer also couldn't help but note the Democratic party's unending crusade against President Trump, which Todd has eagerly supported.

Democrats released Trump's tax returns only last month, almost two years after Trump left the White House.

Investigations for me, but not for thee

Todd, who used his cable news spot to relentlessly push "Russian collusion" lies, asked Comer how he could justify investigating Biden if he doesn't like how Democrats treated Trump.

Comer said the Biden probe is not "political" but seeks to address legitimate concerns that Biden may be compromised.

"This isn’t political. We want to know, was the president truthful when he said he didn’t have any knowledge or involvement of his family’s shady business dealings? Once we’ve determined that, we’ll move on,” Comer added.

Carrying water for Biden

Biden has long denied any knowledge or involvement in his son's business deals in China and Ukraine, despite a large body of evidence to the contrary.

Comer recalled some of the material contained on the notorious "laptop from hell" as a clearly rattled Todd struggled to restrain himself from talking over his guest.

“There are emails and text messages that show Hunter Biden complaining about having to spend so much money keeping his dad up. I mean, that’s a concern because Hunter Biden’s only source of income was from our adversaries in China and Russia for influence peddling,” Comer said.

Comer and Jim Jordan (R-Oh.), the incoming chair of the House Judiciary committee, will be leading the effort to investigate Biden, which the White House has already dismissed as baseless and driven by "conspiracy theories."

Republicans' promises to hold Biden accountable have faced some skepticism from the conservative base after years of empty promises from the GOP, however.

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