White House accused of promoting anti-Semitism

 December 20, 2022

According to NPR, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff decried the "epidemic of hate facing our country" while hosting a White House roundtable on anti-Semitism earlier this month.

Yet rather than fight that epidemic, one observer recently accused President Joe Biden of helping to spread it. 

Nominee complained of "Jewish factor" in politics

Dan Pollak serves as director of government relations for the Zionist Organization of America, and he recently told "Breitbart News Saturday" host Matthew Boyle that the Biden administration has a history of recruiting anti-Semitic bigots.

As an example, Pollak pointed to Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, someone who the president has nominated to become ambassador to Brazil.

"Unbelievably, in 1998, she was talking about stupid pro-Israel Democrats, she was criticizing other Democrats," Pollak told Boyle.

Not hiding it

"And she said, 'because there’s a Jewish factor.' She wasn’t even smart enough to hide her anti-Semitism as anti-Israelism," the former Navy officer continued.

"She said there’s always the influence of the Jewish lobby, because there is money involved. So this is the classic antisemitic trope, overtly saying that Jews are controlling things because of their money," he insisted.

Pollak then pointed out the hypocrisy and said that if a conservative had said these hateful things, they would not be elevated in the same way Biden is elevating her.

He went on to point out how "[i]t’s difficult to think of any conservative that would have a similar, horrible, racist thing to say that any would forgive 20 years later, 30 years later, anytime in the past. That’s the number one example."

State Department official "inspired" by attack on Israel

Pollak next set his sights on Hady Amr, who was appointed to serve as U.S. Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs.

"He said that he was inspired by the Palestinian intifada," Pollak said, referring to a series of violent attacks on Israel. "During this intifada that he is inspired by more than 10,000 Jews have been murdered or maimed."

"And it’s just an incredible thing for a person seeking higher office in the U.S. government to say they’re inspired by this violent uprising that the Palestinian Arabs call the Intifada," Pollak added.

However, Pollak stressed that he is most upset over the appointment of Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke, saying, "She supports BDS, you know the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement against Israel."

"When she was in college, she invited really, really bad antisemites to speak at Harvard," Pollak recalled. "And then she defended them in the face of pushback from Jewish members of Harvard’s student body."

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