White House announces that John Podesta with replace John Kerry as climate envoy

 February 2, 2024

The White House announced this week that former Hillary Clinton campaign manager will replace John Kerry as U.S. climate envoy. 

Breitbart cited a statement that was put out on Wednesday regarding the change by White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients.

White House says "no one better than John Podesta" to take on role

"We need to keep meeting the gravity of this moment, and there is no one better than John Podesta to make sure we do," Zients was quoted as saying.

The White House chief of staff went on to declare that Kerry "has — and will continue to be — at the helm of driving the implementation of the most significant climate law in history."

Politico reported last month that Kerry would depart from his post in order to take a position on President Joe Biden's reelection campaign.

Kerry confirmed the news when speaking with Bloomberg TV at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He noted how the Hatch Act prohibits federal government employees from taking part in political campaigns.

Kerry congratulates Podesta

What's more, Kerry also offered his congratulations to Podesta in a post on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

"We’ve made historic progress these last three years and I know that, in his new role as Biden’s senior adviser for international climate policy, John Podesta will continue to grow the momentum from Glasgow, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dubai," he wrote.

Breitbart recalled how Kerry was instrumental in negotiating the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement while serving as secretary of state under then-President Barack Obama.

However, Kerry also faced questions surrounding his own carbon output, such as when took a private jet to Iceland where he received an award for his work on climate change.

Kerry dismisses reporter's question

What's more, Kerry had a testy exchange in January with Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini at last month's World Economic Forum.

Fox News reported that when Yemini asked Kerry about the amount of energy used to put on the forum and similar events, Kerry dismissed the question as being "stupid."

"It was so ironic that he called it a stupid question because I think… it shows how out of touch he is and how out of touch all of them are, because that's probably the most basic question that the average Joe I imagine in America, I know certainly in Australia, are asking like, 'why are you such a hypocrite?'" Yemini told Fox News.

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