White House blocks House GOP demand for records

 January 3, 2023

House Republicans have made clear that they intend to launch multiple investigations, including ones involving Hunter Biden's business ties. However, the White House has already started to push back. 

According to Politico, White House Special Counsel Richard Sauber sent letters late last week to Kentucky Rep. James Comer and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, both of whom are expected to lead House committees.

Congressmen told to refile requests

In his correspondence, Sauber told Comer and Jordan that the White House will not respond to their recent requests for records as the pair were not committee chairmen when the requests were filed.

"Congress has not delegated such [oversight] authority to individual members of Congress who are not committee chairmen, and the House has not done so under its current Rules," Politico quoted Sauber as saying.

The result is that Comer and Jordan will need to refile the requests when they assume leadership positions. Comer is expected to chair the House Oversight Committee while Jordan is in line to take charge of the House Judiciary Committee.

Statement issued

Politico noted that Comer issued a statement on Thursday blasting Sauber's letter and accusing the administration of lacking transparency.

"President Biden promised to have the most transparent administration in history but at every turn the Biden White House seeks to obstruct congressional oversight and hide information from the American people," he declared.

"Just before dawn at 4:33 a.m., the White House informed us they will not provide the answers we have been seeking for the American people on important issues such as the border and fentanyl crisis, the energy crisis, botched Afghanistan withdrawal, COVID origins, and the Biden family’s influence peddling," Comer continued.

"Why is the Biden Administration hiding this information?" the longtime Kentucky Republican went on to demand.

"Republicans are undeterred by the Biden Administration’s obstruction and will continue pressing for the answers, transparency, and accountability that the American people deserve," Comer insisted.

"For the last two years"

Comer went on to reiterate that message during an interview last Thursday evening with Fox News host Jason Chaffetz.

"There's been no oversight of this administration for the last two years," Comer complained. "They haven't had a single cabinet secretary or undersecretary in front of the Oversight Committee for the entire time Joe Biden has been president."

"Now, you go back two years prior to that when they were in charge of the Oversight Committee and Donald Trump was president, we had 39 cabinet secretaries and undersecretaries in front of the House Oversight committee."

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