White House calls in Obama to help boost Biden's struggling 2024 campaign

 August 14, 2023

President Joe Biden's 2024 election campaign, already struggling on most fronts, looks to be desperate enough to call in old friends for a boost, such as former President Barack Obama.

According to the Washington Examiner, a recent tweet posted by Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff made it clear that Obama could be a key ally in helping Biden's reelection campaign, teasing voters at a chance of meeting the former president.

It's the same Obama who, prior to the 2020 election, reportedly said, "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up."

With Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris' polling numbers in the gutter, it's no surprise that the party is reaching out to heavy hitters to energize an uninspired voter base ahead of the next election.

What did he say?

Emhoff's tweet was a typical fundraising gimmick in which people click the link and are directed to ActBlue for the Biden Victory Fund for a donation. The donation apparently gives donors an entry for a chance to meet Biden and Obama.

"Do you want to meet Presidents @JoeBiden and @BarackObama? Chip in whatever you can to support Joe and Kamala’s campaign and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance a win."

The tweet is notable, if anything, as it comes in the wake of reports last week that Obama has pledged to do whatever it takes to help Biden win in 2024.

Obama made the pledge to assist the Biden campaign during a lunch meeting at the White House in June. During the luncheon, he also reportedly warned President Biden of Trump's power in the Republican Party, and that he's a formidable opponent once again.

"We place a huge emphasis on finding creative ways to reach new audiences, especially tools that can be directly tied to voter mobilization or volunteer activations," Obama Senior Adviser Eric Schultz said.

Other challenges

Not only does the Biden campaign need to focus on Trump -- and several emerging GOP candidates -- but they also have to keep laser focus on the rise of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has made significant gains in the polls in recent weeks.

The White House and Democratic operatives have tried to downplay RFK Jr.'s prominence, but it's becoming markedly more difficult by the day as he gains popularity, especially with independent voters.

Only time will tell if Obama's influence is enough to shore up Biden's dwindling base of support, but with new players in the mix and a continued downslide in the polls, it's not looking good for the Biden 2024 folks.

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