White House claims abuse of teen workers better than under Trump

 March 1, 2023

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the Biden administration's efforts to help migrant teen workers are better than those during the Trump administration.

Jean-Pierre shared the questionable claim during a Monday daily briefing at the White House.

The response

“So, I just want to be very clear here. Look, the New York Times story is heartbreaking and it is completely unacceptable. And this is something that we have taken action on. So, just also want to be clear on that," she said.

"The President and his administration has long focused on — on making sure that this growing problem of child exploitation is dealt with," she added.

The attack

The press secretary also attacked the Trump administration, suggesting that the Biden administration's response is better.

"Look — so, here’s the thing: We’ve taken action to try and deal with a real issue — a really true issue that was exacerbated, let’s not forget, by the last administration," Jean-Pierre told a reporter.

"And so, that’s what we walked into. HHS took action on day one. Let’s — if we take a step back — when we came into office, migrant children were being expelled to Mexico where they were subjected to gang violence and exploitation," she added.

The facts say different

The facts, however, contradict the press secretary's words. In January alone, 150,000 migrants crossed the southern border, with a likely 48,000 gotaways.

In the past five months, a number higher than the population of Delaware has crossed the southern border into the U.S., leaving room for widespread trafficking and abuse of teenagers.

The Biden administration's policies have not improved the situation, but have made it worse by increasing the number of migrant children entering at a rate beyond what Border Patrol can control.

The White House may claim it is being more humane but Biden's policies are only hurting our nation and many of those entering it.

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