White House counts Hamas terrorists among dead Palestinians

 April 7, 2024

White House National Security Communications Adviser John Kirby just counted Hamas terrorists in the number of dead and injured Palestinians. 

Breitbart News reports that Kirby did so during a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel's The Story with host Martha MacCallum.

There, Kirby twisted himself in knots trying to make sense of the idea that the terrorists ought to be included in that figure.

But, as you'll see, there is just not a whole lot of logic to his position. In fact, it's rather absurd.

The Biden admin's Israel-Palestine shift

If you have been following the Biden administration's handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, then you know that, recently, the administration has made a rather large shift from completely supporting Israel to, now, throwing a significant amount of support behind Palestine.

Kirby demonstrated this shift during his Fox appearance. There, he criticized Israel for, in his view, not doing enough to protect Palestinian citizens and for making it difficult to get Palestinians humanitarian assistance.

The segment began with MacCallum asking Kirby, "Isn’t it Hamas’ fault that these people are suffering?"

"Hamas started this war, as you said, no question about that, this conflict wouldn’t exist without Mr. Sinwar’s decision to violate that ceasefire, but what we’ve also said is that, Israel, in addition to having the obligation to go eliminate that threat, they also have an obligation to do everything possible to protect civilians and to allow humanitarian assistance," Kirby said.

He added, "We just haven’t seen them meet those obligations to the degree that’s needed."

"Now, some of them are Hamas"

This is when Kirby twisted himself in knots attempting to explain the Biden administration's position.

Kirby continued by saying, "I mean, we have tens of thousands of dead and injured Palestinians. Now, some of them are Hamas, no question about that. But the toll’s just been too high."

The question, of course, is why Kirby would include Hamas terrorists in the figure. It almost appears as if he is showing sympathy for the terrorists - the ones who led the Oct. 7 massacre of the Jewish people. It is also as if Kirby is trying to drive the Palestinian death toll up to make it appear as though Israel is doing something worse than it is actually doing.

Kirby concluded his appearance by claiming that the Biden administration wants "Israel to succeed." "We want Israel to succeed here, of course, we do, but how they do it matters as well, for the long-term, for their own security," he said.

Do you believe him?

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