White House forced to make at least 9 corrections to transcript of Biden's gaffe-filled speech to NAACP in Detroit

 May 22, 2024

President Joe Biden has always been gaffe-prone, but the frequency of mistakes, misstatements, and mispronunciations in his public speeches appears to have increased dramatically since the 2020 election cycle, which was already worse than his time as vice president or his decades of service in the Senate.

As one recent example, the White House was forced to correct at least nine gaffes in a single campaign speech that Biden delivered in Michigan on Sunday while receiving a "lifetime achievement" award from the Detroit branch of the NAACP, according to the Daily Mail.

One can only wonder how much longer the president's campaign team and White House will allow him to embarrass himself in front of the American people before essentially shutting down or significantly limiting his public appearances.

Let's count all of the corrected mistakes

The mistakes in President Biden's speech -- at least the ones that the White House corrected in the transcript with slashes through the gaffes and brackets around what he was supposed to say -- began almost immediately when he said, "And when I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic [recession], and what happened was Barack said to me, 'Go to Detroit and help fix it.'"

Just one sentence later, Biden said, "Folks, I’m humbled to receive this organization [award], which defines the character and consequence of what we do."

It was just a moment or two later that the president referenced the commencement address he recently delivered at historically black Morehouse College, which he declared "was truly inspiresing [inspiring]: over 400 young Black men who will do extraordinary things."

Another correction came a short time later while speaking about healthcare costs, when Biden claimed, "I protected and expanded the Affordable Care Act, saving millions of families $800,000 in prem- -- $8,000 [$800] in -- a year in premiums."

While there were a few other minor corrections made to the transcript, one final one of note came near the end when he messed up the name of the organization that was presenting him with an award and said, "The NAAC [NAACP] spirit endures."

A few corrections during Biden's inaccurate anti-Trump tirade

President Biden predictably launched a multitude of attacks against his rival, former President Donald Trump, and while his blatantly false, context-free, or grossly misleading statements weren't corrected by the White House, several mispronunciations or missed words were.

One example was his claim that Trump would cut Medicare and Social Security, to which Biden asserted, "Folks, I have a better ti- -- [idea]. I’ll protect it -- Medicare and Social Security -- by making the very wealthy finally begin to pay their fair share."

At another point, referencing the Jan. 6 Capitol rioters who've been prosecuted and imprisoned with lengthy sentences by the DOJ, Biden said of Trump, "He calls the irrectionists [insurrectionists] who stormed Capitol Hill 'patriots.'  He says, if reelected, he wants, quote, 'every' one of them pardoned."

Yet another mistake that needed correction was when Biden stated, "Donald Trump has said, if he loses again in November, there will be, quote, “bloodshed” ['bloodbath'].  What in God’s name are we talking about here?  This is the United States of America."

Most voters lack confidence, have serious concerns about Biden's mental fitness

In March, an AP-NORC poll revealed that 63% of Americans were "not very/not at all" confident in President Biden's mental capability to serve as president -- a number that include 32% of his own fellow Democrats.

That followed an NBC News poll in February which found that a combined 76% of registered voters had "major" or "moderate" concerns that Biden lacked the "necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term" -- a number that included a surprising 54% of Democrats along with 81% of independents and 95% of Republicans.

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