White House helped Obama to cover up Presidential Records Act violation

 April 20, 2024

Bloomberg News just published a report detailing how the White House helped former President Barrack Obama cover up the fact that he had taken a letter in violation of the Presidential Records Act. 

You, the reader, may be familiar with certain aspects of this story, as parts of it have been previously reported.

But, what this report really demonstrates is America's two-tier justice system.

After all, former President Donald Trump is currently being prosecuted, by Special Counsel Jack Smith, for an alleged Presidential Records Act violation precisely because the government refused to help Trump out like it did Obama.

The coverup

It turns out that, after Obama left the White House, he took with him a letter that he received from a cancer patient named Natoma Canfield.

Now, this, admittedly, does not sound like the worst thing in the world. It isn't. But, Bloomberg admits that, technically, Obama did so in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

The outlet then goes on to report:

Initially, no one at NARA seemed to be aware that Canfield’s letter wasn’t turned over to the agency. That changed in December 2021 when an official from the Barack Obama Presidential Library, in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, emailed NARA’s general counsel and another agency official about an inquiry from the Obama Foundation, the former president’s Chicago nonprofit.

Bloomberg next details how, over the next several months, the government and Obama's people worked together to resolve this situation. The outlet reports:

The arrangement NARA ultimately worked out with Obama’s team called for NARA to retrieve the Canfield letter from the former president’s office, remove it from the frame, and then send it via UPS to Obama’s presidential library in Illinois. Archivists would then mount a high-resolution scan of the letter along with the pen so the framed display could once again hang in Obama’s office.

Then, the outlet concludes that "The public never knew the letter was missing."

All good, right?

Wrong. It has to be remembered that Bloomberg is a leftwing outlet. So, there is little doubt that it published this piece to distinguish the Obama situation from the Trump classified documents situation, in an effort to justify the government's wildly different treatment of the two former presidents.

But, in doing so, the outlet, unwittingly did just the opposite; it highlighted America's two-tiered justice system.

Not only is Trump being prosecuted over his alleged Presidential Records Act violation, but the government even raided his home.

This begs the question, why couldn't the government work with Trump, as it did Obama? And, why couldn't the government have kept the matter private, as it did with Obama?

Could it be because the government is full of left-leaning establishments individuals who like Obama and who don't like Trump? That's for you, the reader, to decide. But, it certainly seems as though there might be some truth to this.

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