White House press secretary shuts down questions about Biden's recent fall

 June 7, 2023

President Joe Biden raised eyebrows last week after he suffered a dramatic fall. However, the White House has been quick to shut down any questions about his health. 

Biden's fall occurred last Friday after the 80-year-old president had just finished addressing an Air Force graduation ceremony. He then struggled to regain his footing and had to be helped back up.

White House press secretary touts Biden's record

Just the News contributor Ben Whedon noted this week that while the incident has led to yet more questions about Biden's well-being, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wasn't eager to answer them.

He pointed out how during a press briefing on Thursday, a reporter asked if the White House has taken any steps to ensure the president does not fall again.

Jean-Pierre responded by touted Biden's record, saying, "This is a president that has had an incredibly impressive first two years, when you think about what he's been able to get done."

"So look, things happen"

"And that's what I think the American people are looking for. They’re looking for someone that can actually deliver like the president has done," she continued.

When the reporter attempted to follow up, Jean-Pierre grew dismissive, saying, "Things happen. Other presidents have had similar situations as you know, and I’m sure you reported on the last president who’s had a similar situation."

"So look, things happen. This is a president that delivers and will continue to deliver for the American people and that's what he cares about," she insisted.

This was not the first time that Jean-Pierre has attempted to minimize Biden's fall, as last week she insisted that he had gotten up with ease despite video footage showing otherwise.

Former White House doctor says Biden "is in total decline"

"Just to make sure we clear the record here, [Biden] tripped over a sandbag on the stage, and briefly he tripped and got up, and he got right back up," the White House press secretary declared.

The president's mental and physical health have long been doubted by critics, including former White House physician and current Texas Republican Rep. Ronnie Jackson.

"The majority of Americans can see that Biden's mental health is in total decline, yet there is no transparency from the White House on what’s going on, if anything, to address this issue and his inability to do his job," Jackson told Fox News in February.

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