White House Says It Can't Help With New York City Migrant Crisis

August 28, 2023

The liberals in America's White House aren't really interested in fixing problems, they're only concerned with causing them.

Need proof?

Look no further than the migrant crisis in New York City.

Even when it's other liberals begging for help, the White House isn't concerned unless it fits their agenda.

It's really important to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that they keep packing this country as full as possible with new voters.

By any means necessary.

It doesn't matter to them if the method is illegal or legal.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are leaving America's southern border open in the hopes that enough voters that lean liberal will flood in before 2024 to give them the chance to steal another election.

One of the problems is though that the places these migrants are settling can't handle them all.

Some lawmakers have had to literally bus them to other parts of the country.

The problem with that?

Other parts of the country can't handle them either!

New York failing.

Despite being perhaps the most liberal state in the nation, even New York knows that Joe Biden's immigration policies are not sustainable.

But when liberal Governor Kathy Hochul begged the White House for help handling her migrant crisis in New York, she was met with the same reaction that conservative leaders received:

Tough stuff.

The White House literally refused to help her. The migrants are going to continue to pour in to New York City, and the White House said that NYC better team up with Congress if they want any hope of stopping it, because the Executive Branch isn't going to lift a finger.

"This administration has worked to identify ways to improve efficiencies and maximize the resources the federal government can provide to communities across the country to support the flow of migrants," a White House spokesperson said. "We will continue to partner with communities across the country to ensure they can receive the support they need. Only Congress can provide additional funding for these efforts, which this Administration has already requested, and only Congress can fix the broken immigration system."

That's government talk for "we're not going to help."

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Thomas Jefferson
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