White House responds to tragic school shooting in rural Iowa, calls for more gun control that wouldn't prevent incident

 January 6, 2024

On Jan. 4, the first day of the new semester, there was a tragic mass shooting incident at a school in the rural community of Perry, Iowa that left one student dead and seven other individuals wounded -- three staff members and four students -- with the shooter also taking their own life at the end of the rampage.

Wasting no time, President Joe Biden's White House immediately addressed and politicized the incident to insist upon additional stricter gun control measures in reaction to the shooting, according to NBC News.

However, it does not appear that any of the additional gun control measures pushed by the White House would have made any difference in this particular incident.

School shooting immediately addressed

At the top of Tuesday's White House press briefing, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters, "The President is tracking the tragic school shooting at Perry Middle and High School in -- in Iowa. Our hearts break for the families of the victims in yet another act of senseless gun violence."

"We are grateful for the brave first responders who are on the scene. And unfortunately, there is no longer an active threat to the school -- I should say fortunately, not unfortunately," she continued. "Senior White House staff have been in touch with the governor’s office, and federal officials are working with local law enforcement to support their investigation. We will know more as they complete their work."

"It’s only the fourth day in the year -- in the new year, and we are already faced with yet another horrific school shooting," the press secretary said. "And the question that we ask is: When will enough be enough? The questions that families ask and the victims of families [families of victims] ask is: When will it be enough? When will enough be enough?"

"Our students and teachers deserve to know that their schools are safe spaces and to focus on learning, not duck-and-cover drills," Jean-Pierre stated. "While the President and this administration have taken historic action to reduce gun violence, more must be done to keep our schools and communities safe."

"Congress must act to enact universal background checks, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, require safe storage of firearms, end the gun industry’s immunity from liability, and pass a national red flag law," she added. "We cannot allow these tragedies to continue. We have to do something."

White House can't say if gun control measures have had any impact on shootings

Later during the White House briefing, Jean-Pierre again addressed the shooting in Perry, Iowa, and again touted President Biden's supposed accomplishments in reducing gun violence while further calling upon Congress to pass even more gun control legislation.

However, toward the end of the briefing, the press secretary was unable to answer with any specificity whether any of the legislative or executive actions taken thus far had had any effect on the rate of gun violence and mass shootings.

"But honestly, the way that we’re going to deal with this is to have legislation that deals with high-capacity magazines, assault weapons ban -- that’s how we’re going to move forward -- a national red flag ban. And that’s how we’re going to deal with this -- this epidemic that we’re seeing across the country," Jean-Pierre said. "That’s why we keep saying enough is enough. Congress needs to act."

"Yes, it was important that we took this step. Thirty years -- it took thirty years to sign that bipartisan -- not to sign but to get -- to get that bipartisan legislation done, and the President obviously signed it," she added. "But we need more. It is not enough. That’s what we believe. It’s just not enough."

Shooter used a shotgun and handgun -- not an "assault weapon" or "high-capacity" magazines

USA Today reported that the shooter was identified as Dylan Butler, 17, and he used a duffle bag to smuggle into the school a pump-action shotgun, a small handgun, and an improvised explosive device that was never detonated. He also posted an ominously threatening video to social media from the school's bathroom before the shooting started.

There are already numerous federal and state laws in place that should have but didn't stop this incident from occurring, and none of the major gun control measures constantly pushed by the White House -- an "assault weapons" ban, "high-capacity" magazine ban, and universal background checks -- would have had any impact on preventing this horrible incident.

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