White House sounds off on possible pardon for Hunter Biden

 September 16, 2023

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that the Biden administration has no plans to pardon Hunter Biden during Friday's daily White House press briefing.

During the briefing, one reporter asked, "Will the president pardon or commute his son if he is convicted?"

Jean-Pierre responded saying, "So I've answered this question before. It was asked of me not too long ago — a couple of weeks ago — and I was very clear, and I said no."

Jean-Pierre claims that the Biden administration has no plans to pardon Hunter Biden in the event that he is convicted for federal charges of making false statements and unlawfully possessing a firearm.

However, there is little reason to believe the White House as it would make no sense for them to confirm plans for a pardon before Biden's trial has even begun. The White House will likely keep its plans under wraps and wait for the trial to play out.

Hunter Biden in deep water

Hunter Biden is in serious legal trouble and the indictments he is facing could land him a prison sentence of 25 years.

Biden's lawyer confidently claimed that the case will never make it to trial, but considering the evidence that the public has already seen, such boastful claims seem ill founded.

The President's son is accused of lying on a federal form he filled out in 2018 when he was purchasing a hand gun.

That form asks prospective buyers if they are users of illicit substances and obviously Biden stated that he was not using any illicit substances in order to purchase his hand gun.

However, with the recovery of Biden's laptop in 2019, photographic evidence emerged of Biden using crack cocaine at the same time period that he had purchased his firearm.

Biden even openly admitted that he was struggling with cocaine, although he claimed that he was recovering from his addiction. All of this made it abundently clear that he lied in order to purchase a firearm.

Bad look for Joe Biden's agenda

It is ironic that President Biden's son is buying firearms and lying on background checks considering the Biden administration's anti-gun stance.

President Biden has made it clear that he wants more gun control and his administration has been hard at work chipping away at the 2nd Amendment wherever possible.

Normal Americans wishing to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights will face endless roadblocks thanks to Democrats meanwhile the son of the President is lying on forms and will likely score a pardon should he be convicted.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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