White House staffer falls down steps of government jet in Warsaw, Poland

February 22, 2023

An unidentified female White House staffer fell down the steps of a government jet on Tuesday morning, when the aircraft landed in Warsaw, Poland.

Photographs taken at the scene show the staffer losing balance, tumbling down the stairs, and slipping past other passengers who were disembarking before hitting the bottom of the stairway, according to The Daily Mail.

Fortunately, the staffer's fall was cushioned by a backpack that she had been carrying on her back, which likely prevented any serious injuries. She quickly got back up and resumed her duties.

Reason for the Presidential Visit to Poland

Nearly half a million people have viewed a clip showing the unidentified female White House staffer falling down the steps of a government jet, which seemed to have been part of a broadcast on a Polish television network.

Meanwhile, President Biden, who is currently 80 years old, delivered a speech in Poland and met with foreign dignitaries on Tuesday. Poland is requesting a higher US troop presence on its territory, making this visit especially significant.

Despite being the oldest president in US history, Biden was able to deliver a salute from the top of the stairs of the plane before departure.

This incident has brought attention to the potential dangers of descending the stairs from a government jet, especially in light of President Joe Biden's past difficulties when negotiating the Air Force One steps.

Biden's Previous Stumbles

The President has stumbled on at least two occasions, leading to concerns about his safety and prompting discussions about how to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future.

In 2021, the president fell three times while attempting to board Air Force One.

When President Biden stumbled up the steps of Air Force One in March 2021, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to defend him, claiming that the wind was to blame:

"It was very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself," she said, before assuring the public that the President was "doing just fine" after the incident.

However, Biden's difficulty with the steps of the presidential plane has raised concerns about his physical and mental fitness for office, and has become a recurring topic of criticism for his detractors. In May 2021, he nearly fell again while walking up the stairs of the large jet.

Past Presidential Mishaps

Some presidents have had physical missteps in the past. President Jimmy Carter famously collapsed during a road race in 1979, suffering a serious knee injury that required surgery.

President George W. Bush fell from a mountain bike in 2004, resulting in minor injuries.

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