White House under fire - Chinese spy arrested in California

 February 9, 2024

The White House of President Joe Biden is facing criticism after a Chinese spy was recently arrested in California. 

The spy, according to the Daily Mail, was caught stealing the United States' nuclear secrets.

The details

The spy has been identified as 57-year-old Chenguang Gong of San Jose, California. Gong, an engineer, became a U.S. citizen in 2011.

The United States Attorney's Office for the Central District of California reports, "According to court documents unsealed today, Gong transferred more than 3,600 files from a Los Angeles-area research and development company where he worked . . . to personal storage devices during his brief tenure with the company last year."

The office goes on to detail some of the information that Gong allegedly stole.

It reports:

The files Gong allegedly transferred include blueprints for sophisticated infrared sensors designed for use in space-based systems to detect nuclear missile launches and track ballistic and hypersonic missiles, as well as blueprints for sensors designed to enable U.S. military aircraft to detect incoming heat-seeking missiles and take countermeasures, including by jamming the missiles’ infrared tracking ability.

The files are said to have been found, among other places, "on storage devices seized from Gong’s temporary residence in Thousand Oaks."

"We will do everything . . ."

The office's press release goes into more detail about what Gong allegedly did - as well as how he did it.

Gong has been arrested, and he has been charged with "theft of trade secrets," which carries with it "a statutory maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison," according to the office.

A detention hearing took place on Wednesday.

United States Attorney Martin Estrada has put out a statement on the matter, saying that "the FBI is committed to protecting our nation’s critical technologies and to pursuing those who look to steal trade secret information for their benefit or for the benefit of foreign adversaries."

Estrada added, "Our actions today send a strong message that anyone willing to steal proprietary information from U.S. businesses will face consequences in the criminal justice system."

How many more are there?

The Biden administration has faced significant criticism for its handling of the southern border crisis. Among the reasons why Biden's critics say that the U.S.-Mexico border ought to be secured is to prevent the entry of, among others, Chinese spies.

Gong, as stated, was a U.S. citizen. But, one has to wonder how many spies China has managed to sneak into America via the southern border since Biden entered office and opened the border up.

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