White House visitor logs reveal Biden spokesperson lied about banning Cora Masters Barry from coming back

 April 25, 2024

A spokesperson for the White House was caught in a lie after they said a certain person would not be invited back after comments she made. 

According to Fox News, White House visitor logs revealed that Cora Masters Barry, who was essentially banned from coming back to the White House after praising raging antisemite Louis Farrakhan as a "friend," was, in fact, invited back. More than once.

The logs revealed that after a White House spokesperson assured the public that she wouldn't be invited back, she showed up two more times since that promise.

Barry was appointed CEO of the city's Recreation Wish List Committee.

The logs don't lie

After Barr praised Farrakhan as a "friend" and a "member of the family," White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates condemned Farrakhan and disinvited Barry.

"The president has unequivocally condemned Louis Farrakhan and the hate he represents for decades and co-sponsored bipartisan legislation doing so," Bates told Fox News Digital at the time. "He also denounces any praise of Louis Farrakhan or his repugnant, antisemitic values, including in this case."

Those remarks were made by Bates in 2022. The visitor logs tell quite a different story. She would later visit the White House in June 2023 and in December 2023.

Fox News noted:

The first visit, on June 13, 2023, appears to have been for a Juneteenth concert on the White House South Lawn, where Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both delivered remarks. The purpose of her second visit, on Dec. 14, 2023, remains unclear, though it appears she attended an evening reception alongside hundreds of other invitees.

Not surprisingly, the White House refused to comment on the revelation from the review of the visitor logs.

Barry the racist

Barry has quite the past as far as making racist remarks. She once generated headlines for attacking white women, and was later heard comparing supporters of former President Donald Trump to the KKK.

Fox News added:

Her praise for Farrakhan, who leads the Nation of Islam religious group, was uttered during a private event in October 2022 honoring her late husband, former Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry.

She's a consistent donor to President Biden, and has been to the White House no less than six times.

Who knows what else the White House is lying about at this point.

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