White House's controversial former special envoy to Iran center of new investigation

 February 19, 2024

In a bombshell development, Fox News revealed this week that the State Department's inspector general is investigating the suspension of Robert Malley, a former White House official. 

Prior to his removal, Malley served as special envoy for Iran under President Joe Biden and also helped the Obama administration negotiate a controversial nuclear deal with the Islamic republic.

IG will ask if "proper procedures" were followed in Malley's removal

Ryan Holden serves as director of congressional and public affairs for the State Department inspector general's office.

According to Fox News, Holden informed members of Congress about the investigation via a letter he sent on January 23.

"The scope of the special review of the suspension of Robert Malley’s clearance will include the procedures the Department used in suspending the clearance as well as actions taken by the Department following the suspension,"

"This will include whether the Department followed proper procedures in suspending his clearance, determining what access to information he could maintain, and deciding the status of his employment."

Malley accused of "abandoning the Iranian people"

Fox News reported last June that Malley had been placed on leave and that his duties as special envoy for Iran were being taken over by Abram Paley.

"I have been informed that my security clearance is under review. I have not been provided any further information, but I expect the investigation to be resolved favorably and soon. In the meantime, I am on leave," Malley was quoted as telling the network.

Meanwhile, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Malley and the Biden administration of favoring Iran's radical regime at the expense of those it oppresses.

"By providing sanctions relief to the Iranian regime, President Biden and Rob Malley are abandoning the Iranian people and enriching their oppressors," Pompeo told Fox News.

"The regime is committed to crushing its own people while spreading terror and mayhem abroad, and the Biden administration's blind desire to appease and negotiate with it has made the world a more dangerous place," he added.

FBI investigating Malley for mishandling classified documents

Holder's investigation is not Malley's only concern, as less than two weeks after his suspension CBS News reported that the FBI was investigating him for mishandling classified documents.

Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul serves as chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, and he called revelations of the FBI's investigation "very concerning."

"He’s a special envoy for Iran. He is the principal architect, the negotiator on the Iran deal – to resurrect the Iran deal," the New York Post quoted McCaul as saying during an appearance on Fox News.

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