White Tennessee Democrat spins racial narrative about expulsion of black colleagues

 April 7, 2023

A white Democrat in Tennessee is claiming that her race is the reason she wasn't expelled along with two black colleagues who led an unruly anti-gun demonstration at the state capitol.

With no evidence whatsoever, 60-year-old Gloria Johnson lobbed the incendiary accusation that her Republican colleagues declined to boot her because she is white.

“It might have to do with the color of our skin,” she said.

Democrat's incendiary claim

Anti-gun protesters stormed the state capitol last week, jostling with police and heckling lawmakers from the gallery. The unrest came days after a transgender terrorist shot and killed six Christians, including three kids, at an elementary school in Nashville.

The state House voted to expel Justin Jones and Justin Pearson Thursday for joining the protest, but Johnson survived by one vote.

Leftist narrative makers immediately seized on the disparity to impute a racial motive, dubbing the unruly lawmakers "The Tennessee Three."

During last week's protest, the trio had seized the House floor and used a bullhorn to trumpet their demands for gun control, forcing lawmakers to take a 45-minute recess.

Obama, Biden pounce

Republicans who voted to let Johnson keep her job say there's an innocuous explanation: she didn't play an active role in the unrest. Republican Lowell Russell said that Johnson didn't "shout and scream" with a megaphone like Pearson and Jones did.

One video showed Johnson standing to the side as Pearson and Jones took command of the House chamber.

“While Johnson needs to be censored for her unacceptable conduct that day, the evidence presented did not warrant her expulsion,” Russell said. “Had all three participated the same, I would have voted to expel all three.”

Demagogues in the Democratic party and national media have vehemently condemned the expulsions, with President Biden calling the GOP's response "undemocratic." Barack Obama held forth on an "erosion of civility and democratic norms" and accused Republicans of shutting down "peaceful protest."


While Democrats baselessly stoke racial grievance, Republicans say the "Tennessee Three" -- far from being silenced -- disenfranchised the state's voters by disrupting legitimate legislative business.

Republican caucus chair Jeremy Faison said the hecklers have been disruptive all year and have shown no remorse for their conduct.

"There has been a pattern of behavior that has continued, and continued, and continued," he said.

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