Whoopi Goldberg apologizes for using racial slur on air

 March 17, 2023

Yahoo! Entertainment reported that comedian Whoopi Goldberg issued an apology this week after using a racial slur for Romani people. 

According to the news service, Goldberg said during Wednesday's broadcast of "The View" that former President Donald Trump believes he was "gypped" out of winning the 2020 election.

"Gypped" seen as offensive by many Romani

Merriam-Webster states that the term refers to "an act or instance of cheating" and short for "gypsy," a word many Romani find offensive. Goldberg subsequently appeared in a video in which she expressed regret for her comment.

"You know, when you're a certain age, you use words that you know from when you're a kid or you remember saying, and that's what I did today and I shouldn't have," said Goldberg, who is 67 years old.

"I should have thought about it a little longer before I said it, but I didn't, and I should have said 'cheated' and I used another word," the host continued, adding, "And I'm really, really sorry."

Goldberg previously said the Holocaust "was not about race"

Yahoo! Entertainment noted that this is not the first time Goldberg has waded into racial controversy, as the comedian made headlines following another incident last year.

In January of 2022, Goldberg was suspended after she insisted that the Holocaust "not about race" but instead "man's inhumanity to man."

While Goldberg did issue an apology for her statement, she later appeared to double-down on the claim, something she addressed in a statement provided to Yahoo! Entertainment.

"Recently while doing press in London, I was asked about my comments from earlier this year. I tried to convey to the reporter what I had said and why, and attempted to recount that time," Goldberg recalled.

"I'm still learning a lot"

"It was never my intention to appear as if I was doubling down on hurtful comments, especially after talking with and hearing people like rabbis and old and new friends weighing in. I'm still learning a lot and believe me, I heard everything everyone said to me," she insisted.

"I believe that the Holocaust was about race, and I am still as sorry now as I was then that I upset, hurt and angered people," Goldberg said.

My sincere apologies again, especially to everyone who thought this was a fresh rehash of the subject. I promise it was not," the comedian declared.

"In this time of rising antisemitism, I want to be very clear when I say that I always stood with the Jewish people and always will. My support for them has not wavered and never will," Goldberg pledged.

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