Reports indicate Prince William and Princess Kate have 'moved on' from Royal feud and have 'zero interest' in reconciling relations with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

 December 30, 2023

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been engaged in a years-long feud with the rest of the British Royal Family following allegations of racism against top members leveled in Harry's tell-all memoir, a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, a Netflix docuseries, and in another controversial new book that was just released.

It doesn't look like there will be any reconciliation any time soon, either, as a bombshell new report claims that Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate Middleton, have "moved on" from the estranged Harry and Meghan and have "zero interest" in rekindling a friendly familial relationship, according to the Pop Culture website.

That report followed close on the heels of the very apparent snub of Harry and Meghan by King Charles III in his Christmas Message that made no mention and featured no images of his younger son and daughter-in-law while, comparatively, the king did mention and prominently feature images of William and Kate's charitable works over the past year.

William and Kate have "moved on" from Harry and Meghan

People magazine reported exclusively on Wednesday that Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were "in the rearview mirror" for Prince William and Princess Kate, who are the heirs to the British monarchy, in terms of their "strained" relationships over the past few years.

An unnamed friend of the Prince and Princess of Wales said of Kate, "She's moved on and William has too. She's very focused on what matters going forward. They aren't looking back."

That comment was almost certainly about the recent controversy that erupted over author Omid Scobie's new book "Endgame," a Dutch translation of which specifically named Princess Kate and King Charles as having made allegedly racist remarks about the "dark" complexion of Harry and Meghan's children, given that Meghan is half-black. The book also accused Kate of being "cold" and "unwelcoming" toward Meghan when Harry first brought her into the Royal Family.

However, royal author Valentine Low told People of Future Queen Kate, "She has this public image of being nice and smiley and, dare I say, innocuous. But she is actually strong-minded, strong-willed, and prepared to fight for what she wants and what she thinks is right."

Of the disputed allegations of racism against her and others, Low added of Kate, "She thought it was very important this did not go unchallenged. She showed real strength and determination to make things clear that there was perhaps a different truth," and added, "Kate thinks strategically. She is going to be queen one day and has the long-term interests of the monarchy and royal family at heart."

Prince and Princess have "zero interest" in reuniting with Duke and Duchess

The report from People that the Prince and Princess of Wales have decided to "move on" from the feud with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seems to align with a report in early December from The Daily Beast that similarly suggested there was little hope or even any desire to patch things up between the two royal couples.

Another unnamed friend of William and Kate -- perhaps the same one who recently spoke anonymously to People? -- told the outlet that the prince and princess had "zero interest" in even seeing Harry and Meghan again, much less reconciling their relationships.

The friend said they'd had "no idea" that Kate had been one of the supposedly racist royals obliquely referenced by Harry and Meghan on several occasions until the release of the new book that openly named her and the king, and acknowledged that they were "as shocked as everyone else" by the purported revelation.

"It has been clear for a long time to anyone who knows them that they don’t want to see Harry and Meghan. Now we know why. They will have zero interest in ever seeing them again," the friend said.

Any "tiny hope of reconciliation" between royal brothers is "now gone"

Following the recent developments, royal author Duncan Larcombe told The Daily Beast of the two British princes, "Whatever tiny hope of reconciliation there was between Harry and William is now gone. But I think, oddly enough, there will be a certain sense of relief in the palace this weekend, actually, because the final truth bomb has been dropped, and it’s a damp squib."

"The dust will settle and the royals will move on," he added. "They are fortunate this didn’t come out two years ago when the Oprah interview was screened because back then Harry and Meghan’s stock, and credibility, was riding high. People watched that interview with wide eyes. They still watch them, but now they are rolling their eyes thinking, 'Oh crikey, here we go again.'"

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