Anti-Trump Georgia DA Willis accused of criminal impropriety in hiring boyfriend and receiving kickbacks from taxpayer funds

 January 12, 2024

Former President Donald Trump and his several co-defendants in Georgia may soon be granted relief from the criminal racketeering conspiracy indictment pressed against them by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis concerning the 2020 election.

That is because Willis now stands accused of improperly hiring a special prosecutor in the case with whom she's allegedly involved in a romantic affair and is further alleged to have improperly benefited financially from that dubious arrangement, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Those allegations were raised by Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, who served on Trump's 2020 campaign in Georgia and was charged over his role in arranging alternate slates of pro-Trump electors in disputed states, and who is now calling for his charges to be dismissed and for Willis and her entire office to be disqualified from the case.

Damning allegations of criminal violations and impropriety

Roman's attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, filed a 127-page motion to dismiss on Monday, the deadline for all pre-trial motions in the Georgia case, which asserted that "the entire prosecution is invalid and unconstitutional" because the underlying indictments are full of "structural errors and irreparable defects" that require dismissal and disqualification.

The filing alleged that DA Willis hired as a "special prosecutor" private attorney Nathan Wade, with whom she's allegedly been involved in a years-long romantic affair while he is currently in the midst of divorce proceedings, without first obtaining proper approval from Fulton County, and has since paid him approximately $654,000 in taxpayer funds for charged legal fees.

It was further alleged that Wade, who has no apparent prior experience prosecuting felony or racketeering cases, kicked back some of those taxpayer funds to Willis in the form of paying for multiple alleged romantic getaways, including to California, Florida, and the Caribbean by way of at least two cruise ship vacations.

The motion also noted that Wade never properly submitted his required oaths before beginning work on the case, which calls into question the validity of everything he has been involved with, including obtaining the underlying criminal indictments from a grand jury, among other critical aspects of the case.

Roman's motion not only called for his charges to be dismissed and for DA Willis and her office to be disqualified from the case, but also raised the possibility that the alleged romantic trips at the taxpayer's expense could constitute honest services fraud, which rather ironically would serve as a basis for federal racketeering charges against Willis.

Former Gov. Huckabee calls for disbarment and prosecution of Willis

The bombshell allegations of potentially case-ending impropriety by Fulton County DA Willis were quickly seized upon by former President Trump and his allies and supporters who now demand that the prosecutor face some accountability for her alleged wrongdoing.

Newsmax reported that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, now a TV host, told fellow network host Rob Schmitt on Tuesday that Willis ought to be disbarred and criminally charged -- if the allegations against her are proven to be true.

"Fani Willis is likely to end up being the person who gets criminally charged for the fraud of having her lover and her make a whole bunch of money off the taxpayers so they could live large and all in the name of trying to go after Donald Trump," Huckabee said. "It's just beyond a scandal. She should be disbarred [and] she should be criminally charged for it."

Criminal referral filed by Rep. Greene

Almost as if on cue, NBC News reported Wednesday that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) filed a criminal referral against DA Willis in the form of a letter to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr based on the "serious concerns about alleged criminal misconduct" by Willis and her staff.

The letter highlighted the apparent "conflict of interest" in the arrangement, pointed out some questionable billing practices by Wade, and noted multiple state laws that may have been violated, including violation of oath of office, bribery, improper influence of government officials, criminal conspiracy, conspiracy to defraud government, racketeering, false statements and concealment, and the county's gift ban, among other possible alleged crimes.

"If Fani Willis took kickbacks -- in the form of lavish trips -- from her unqualified boyfriend she appointed with government funds, she violated her oath and many Georgia criminal statutes," Greene concluded. "Thus, I request you order the immediate and formal criminal investigation into the alleged criminal misconduct by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, along with her special Trump prosecutor and alleged boyfriend Nathan Wade, pursuant to your authority under Georgia statute."

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