Wisconsin Republicans vow to fight for state Supreme Court seat

March 11, 2023

The Hill reported last month that left-wing Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz will stand for election to the Wisconsin state Supreme Court on April 4.

Although the race is officially non-partisan, Republicans in the Badger State have decided to back her conservative opponent. 

GOP head accuses Democrats of "trying to buy a Supreme Court seat"

Brian Schimming serves as Wisconsin GOP chair, and he recently told Breitbart News that his party will do what it can to ensure former state Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly defeats Protasiewicz in the spring.

"The partnership between the Republican Party of Wisconsin and the Republican National Committee for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court race shows just how consequential the April 4 election could be," Breitbart quoted Schimming as saying.

"While out-of-state leftists are trying to buy a Supreme Court seat for a soft-on-crime Democrat, who has promised to put her thumb on the scales of justice, we have teamed up to elect Daniel Kelly, who will uphold the rule of law and protect the Constitution," he continued.

"RPW [Republican Party of Wisconsin], with the help of RNC [Republican National Committee], is fully invested in pushing all center-right voters to the ballot box and continuing our election integrity efforts,” Schimming added.

RNC will work "hand in glove" with state Republicans

Schimming said that in addition to Protasiewicz spending over $1 million on television advertisements since the February 21 primary.

What's more, he pointed to how the group A Better Wisconsin Together has put out some $900,000 worth of television ads going after Kelly.

State Republicans are not the only ones who are involved in the fight, as RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Breitbart that Kelly would receive national support too.

"The Republican National Committee is working hand in glove with the Republican Party of Wisconsin to retain control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court," she told the website.

Protasiewicz says election map is "rigged" for Republicans

"The Badger State deserves a Supreme Court that is not beholden to special interests and a progressive liberal agenda, and that’s why Wisconsinites are energized to turn out and vote conservative come April," McDaniel agreed.

Breitbart noted that the Wisconsin state Supreme Court race is considered to be crucial by many observers, as the court currently has a conservative 4-3 majority.

What's more, the state's highest judicial body is expected to hear cases involving such contentious issues as abortion restrictions and electoral districting.

Breitbart reported last month that Protasiewicz has previously described Wisconsin's election map as being "rigged" for Republicans while also suggesting that she would vote to overrule pro-life legislation.

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