Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects Dem-led congressional map challenge

 March 4, 2024

Wisconsin Democrats were furious last week after the state's Supreme Court rejected a Democrat-led bid to reconsider the latest congressional maps.

Republicans celebrated the decision as a massive victory in the battleground state. The Wisconsin Supreme Court's ruling keeps in place the current congressional maps, according to The Guardian.

In December, the state's high court -- controlled by liberals - ordered the redrawing of new maps, claiming that the Republican draw maps from the state's GOP-controlled legislature were "unconstitutional."

Republicans ultimately agreed to the maps then drawn by Gov. Tony Evers (D) out of fear that if they rejected those, the court would order maps even more unfavorable to Republicans.

Challenge filed

The governor signed those maps into law last month but urged the state's high court to take up the map challenge case, which ultimately didn't happen.

The Elias Law Group filed the congressional challenge regarding the maps on behalf of the state's Democratic voters and "said the court’s decision on the legislative maps opened the door to them revisiting the other maps."

The Guardian noted:

The court faced a tight deadline to act. Wisconsin’s elections commission has said district boundaries must be set by mid-March to meet deadlines for elections officials and candidates. Candidates can start circulating nomination papers on 15 April for the 13 August primary.

It added:

In the legislative maps ruling, the state supreme court said the earlier conservative-controlled court had been wrong in 2021 to say that maps drawn that year should have as little change as possible from the maps that had been in place at the time. The lawsuit argued that decision warranted replacing the congressional district maps that were drawn under the “least change” requirement.

Notably, Justice Janet Protasiewicz, a liberal justice recently elected, declined to take part in the court's recent decision on the matter. There were strong calls for her recusal leading up to the decision, but she said she chose not to take part since the original challenge happened when she wasn't on the court.

Social media reacts

Users across social media reacted with their opinions on the Wisconsin Supreme Court's rejection of the map challenge.

"Better be prepared to do this all over the country. The democrats flooded this country with illegals because the census counts all people living in the country citizens and non-citizens alike," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Good! Anything these people do is just rotten."

Only time will tell if the current maps work out more in the favor of Republicans or Democrats.

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