Woke director who called for Trump to be murdered says moviegoers must support 'unapologetically Latino' movies

 April 6, 2023

During the Trump presidency, left-wing entertainers often used their "art" to make veiled threats to the then-president. In most cases, the threats were far from subtle.

A woke movie director, Angel Manuel Soto, is coming under fire over a resurfaced tweet in which he called for then-President Trump to be assassinated like Abraham Lincoln.

"The only thing I hope Trump has similar to Lincoln’s presidency is the way it ended,” Soto, director of the new superhero movie Blue Beetle, wrote in 2018.

Violent threat to Trump

The violent threat was taken down hours after being flagged by comics commentator Lofti Pixels on Tuesday.

Soto has since locked his Twitter account, which was filled with far-left, anti-American vitriol. He once described his native Puerto Rico as a "slave colony" of the United States, and as recently as March was tweeting about "AmeriKKKan Dictatorship."

As one might imagine, Soto appears to be obsessed with racial grievances, perhaps as a means of compensating for a lack of imagination or talent. In a recent interview, Soto said his movie is "unapologetically Latino" and that people have a moral obligation to go see it to "celebrate" diversity.

"If you’ll help us and this movie becomes a massive fucking hit, we’re going to see a lot of those [characters]. That’s what needs to happen,” he said.

"If we want to see more variety and really celebrate differences, celebrate culture, celebrate other worlds because it’s fun. The lores are so spectacular. The only way is by supporting movies. Supporting a movie like this,” he continued.

Woke director antagonizes fans

First published in the 1940s by Fox Comics, the Blue Beetle character was reinvented in 2006 as a Hispanic teenager named Jaime Reyes.

Soto said he was proud to highlight the Spanish language in his movie but admitted to cutting Spanish parts out of the trailer, saying he didn't want to "scare people."

"When they wanna speak from the heart, they communicate the best way they can. So, there’s Spanish [in the movie]. It’s just not in the trailer because we don’t wanna scare people," he said.

If Soto was looking to mitigate controversy, he failed: the trailer ends with anti-Trump actor George Lopez calling Batman a "fascist."

Soto shared a tweet mocking fans who were upset. That's certainly one way to sell a movie.

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