Woman charged in Georgia election case shares Pelosi assassination theory

 December 6, 2023

Trevian Kutti, a former publicist for Kanye West who is charged in Donald Trump's Georgia election case, predicted that Nancy Pelosi (Ca.) will have vice president Kamala Harris killed as part of a ploy to keep black voters in thrall to Democrats.

Kutti shared the theory with her followers on Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter.

Pelosi assassination theory

Black voters will not stand for Democrats snubbing Harris in the event Joe Biden is replaced at the top of the 2024 ticket, Kutti said.

She theorized that Pelosi would have Harris killed in order to make way for California governor Gavin Newsom (D), a white man, to take Biden's place.

"Biden will become incapacitated. Newsome [sic] will be the nominee," she wrote on X.

"To keep black democrats namely black women at bay for Newsome, Dems (Pelosi) will assassinate Kamala and blame a white supremacist. BOOM! Black Americans will be angry and Democrats get the black vote back."

Kutti also shared the theory on an Instagram Live session, according to a left-wing publication, telling her viewers, "you cannot keep Black Democrat women voters happy and not give Kamala a shot at the presidency."

Kutti also told the Instagram viewers that she practiced her "historical" mugshot - in which she sported a wide grin - for two hours in the mirror.

Georgia election case

Kutti has pled not guilty to intimidating a Fulton County election worker, Ruby Freeman, into confessing that she witnessed voter fraud.

Kutti appeared to reference Freeman in the Instagram Live video, accusing Freeman of lying about their interactions.

"There’s a woman sitting somewhere who knows this whole thing is a lie, who knows I never did anything to her, who knows she begged me for help. There’s a woman sitting somewhere who knows that I’m going to mess her whole life up when this is done," Kutti said.

Trump had alleged that voter fraud in Fulton tipped the state to Biden, the first Democrat to win Georgia in a presidential election since the 1990s.

The sweeping indictment accuses Trump and 18 others of a racketeering conspiracy to subvert the 2020 election.

Four of the defendants have pled guilty, including Sidney Powell and former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis.

Prosecutor Fani Willis wants the trial to begin in August, but Trump's lawyers have pushed back, calling this election interference.

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