Woman claims she was paid to have sex with GOP Rep. Gaetz

 February 18, 2024

The House Ethics Committee has taken a significant step in its ongoing investigation into GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL), issuing a subpoena for his ex-girlfriend's testimony.

Scheduled for a Zoom call on February 29, the woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, will be represented by her attorney, Tim Jansen.

The subpoena

Confirming receipt of the subpoena, Jansen indicated that his client would exercise her Fifth Amendment right, signaling a potential refusal to provide potentially self-incriminating information.

This latest development marks a continuation of the scrutiny directed at Gaetz, stemming from a federal inquiry prompted by the criminal charges against his former associate, Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg.

Gaetz faced allegations tied to a variety of serious charges, including the trafficking of a minor for sex. However, despite Greenberg's cooperation with authorities, the Justice Department concluded its investigation without filing charges against Gaetz, a significant turn in the case.

The committee

The House Ethics Committee has revived its own inquiry, which had been temporarily halted during the Justice Department's investigation.

The decision to resume the probe follows the federal investigators' decision not to pursue charges against Gaetz, as reported by The New York Times. This move indicates that the committee remains committed to its examination of Gaetz's actions, despite the absence of criminal charges.

Throughout the ordeal, Gaetz has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, characterizing the investigations as a politically motivated "witch hunt."

Blaming McCarthy

He has reportedly placed blame on former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for the committee's renewed interest, suggesting a personal vendetta.

The fallout from Gaetz's efforts to oust McCarthy from the speakership has caused upheaval within the House GOP, highlighting the broader implications of the investigation.

Gaetz's ex-girlfriend's forthcoming testimony, albeit potentially limited by her invocation of the Fifth Amendment, adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing saga. Her decision to plead the Fifth underscores the legal risks associated with her involvement in the investigation and raises questions about the potential implications for Gaetz.

Despite the absence of criminal charges thus far, the continued scrutiny from both federal authorities and the House Ethics Committee casts a shadow over Gaetz's political future.

As the investigation progresses, Gaetz's steadfast denial of any wrongdoing and his efforts to deflect blame onto others will be closely scrutinized. The implications of his ex-girlfriend's testimony could have far-reaching consequences for Gaetz's standing within the House of Representatives and the broader political landscape.

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