Woman Found Dead In Freezer After Being Missing For Nine Years

 January 7, 2024

An elderly woman who was recently found dead inside a chest freezer in San Diego has finally had her identity confirmed.

It was the body of Mary Margaret Haxby-Jones.

Out-of-town visitors to the house found her body on December 22, and it took police until now to figure out who the elderly woman was.

That may have been because the woman had been declared missing nine years ago.

The woman reportedly lived in the house before she died, and would have been 81-years-old right now.

Police are now trying to decide if her death was the result of a crime or some sort of accident.

Back in the eighties, Haxby-Jones was a registered nurse and lived in the home with her husband.

A local paper said that "Homicide detectives are treating the investigation as a suspicious death because of the unusual circumstances surrounding how the body was found."

Despite homicide detectives already being brought in, there has been no indication that her death has been officially ruled foul play.

One neighbor near Haxby-Jones said that Haxby-Jones was a nice enough lady, but the neightbor could not recall the last time they had seen the elderly woman.

"She’s a nice lady, that’s all I can tell you. She says ‘Good day, good morning, goodnight.’ That’s it," the neighbor said.

Regardless of the cause of death, how this happened, why this happened, or when this happened, one thing is clear:

This situation is nothing short of a tragedy.

Every human being deserves a dignified resting place.

I don't think shoved in a freezer and being missing for nine years is exactly what most people imagine when they think about their final resting spots.

The people who ended up finding the body in the running freezer were apparently located to the person living at the house.

Adding to the confusion of this whole situation is the fact that nobody seems 100% sure about who actually should be living in the house right now:

"We’ve never seen anybody walk in and out. Even the old man–I’ve never seen him on a sidewalk. I’ve only seen him like at the door," another neighbor explained.

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