Woman found dead in New York's Hudson River

 June 12, 2023

Tragedy played out this past weekend after a woman's body was discovered in New York's Hudson River. 

According to News Channel 13, police in the city of Troy announced that the woman was discovered on Saturday afternoon in the area of River Street and 101st Street.

Cause of death appears to be suicide

While the woman's name has yet to be made public and police are still awaiting the results of her autopsy, News Channel 13 noted that the cause of death appears to have been suicide.

Data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that suicide rates have gone up in recent years, peaking in 2021.

This weekend's macabre discovery was far from being the first time someone has turned up dead in the Hudson River.

Missing 11-year-old boy discovered in river

CBS News New York reported in May that 11-year-old New York City boy Alfa Barrie was discovered in the river near 102nd Street and Riverside Drive two weeks after he went missing.

Barrie was last seen with his 13-year-old friend Garrett Warren, both of whom disappeared following a day at school. Warren's body was found in the Harlem River two days before Barrie's remains were located. Police said there were no signs of foul play.

Ahmadou Diallo is Barrie's uncle, and he told CBS News New York, "It's really heartbreaking, you know. And the boy was very close to the family, and at this point, it's just terrible."

Deceased remembered for helping his mother

Diallo recalled how his nephew "was very good, curious, loving, charming, always give Mommy a kiss before he left the house."

The uncle stressed that Barrie was always helping his mother with household tasks, including "doing laundry" and "doing the dishes whenever Mommy is cooking.

He added that Barrie and Warren's families "are all going through the same thing, two families losing their children, their young ones, at the same time," adding, "It's really sad."

Meanwhile, Barrie's school released as statement which read, "We are devastated to learn that Alfa Ousmane Barrie is no longer with us. Our hearts go out to his families and friends, and the community that is grieving for him."

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