Woman who died during routine heart procedure 'propped up' to look alive for family

 September 27, 2023

A woman who died following a routine medical procedure at a scandal-plagued Ohio hospital was allegedly "propped up" to look alive for her family.

The unfortunate 65-year-old was in good health when she walked into Adena Regional Medical Center for a heart exam, Scioto Valley Guardian reported.

Hospital covered up woman's death?

The patient underwent a heart catheterization, a diagnostic procedure in which a long tube is inserted into the arm or groin and fed into the coronary arteries. It is a common procedure and rarely causes complications, but it can lead to bleeding and blood clots.

It is believed the woman's artery was cut during the procedure overseen by Dr. Jarrod Betz, causing her to bleed.

The woman was then seen by a different doctor, Atiq Rehman, under whose care she unfortunately died.

The doctor urged the woman's family to pull her from life support, but she may have been dead already at that point. The woman's death certificate said she died after 3 p.m., but medical records suggest she died two hours earlier.

That has caused the family to question whether the woman, who was on a ventilator when they saw her, had been posed to make it appear as if she were still alive.

The family has asked for an independent autopsy to be performed because the coroner is employed by Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe.

Hospital under scrutiny

Dr. Rehman and another doctor, Dr. Matos Cruz, have been accused by colleagues of using YouTube to study medical procedures they were not familiar with.

At least one patient died after one of these procedures, and another required three follow-up surgeries to correct a botched procedure.

A patient died in May after a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) that was overseen by Betz and Rehman. Dr. Betz was reportedly qualified to do the procedure, but he had previously performed up to three TAVRS before receiving the proper credentials.

The hospital fired a vascular surgeon who shared information with the media about the alleged oversights.

“As a physician, if there’s patients being harmed or if there’s anything going on improper, I have a duty to report that information,” the fired surgeon, Dr. James Manazer, said.

“My expectation is that the truth will eventually come out and that people will understand that I am telling the truth."

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