Writer says Democrats can't ignore Pete Buttigieg's incompetence

 January 16, 2023

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has long been praised by many in the media, with some suggesting that he could become the country's first gay presidential nominee.

However, one commentator recently argued that the Democrats' embrace of Buttigieg could sink their party.  

Secretary focuses on gender instead transportation

In an article published this past Friday, New York Post columnist Chadwick Moore noted how Buttigieg has made "gender inclusive language" a priority at the Department of Transportation.

This includes last year's announcement by the Federal Aviation Authority that the aviation briefing known as "Notice to Airmen" (NOTAM) would be instead called "Notice to Air Missions."

Yet Moore complained that while "Mayor Pete preoccupied his department with scrubbing the bigotry out of an acronym, it never occurred to the Biden administration’s Chief Diversity Hire that the system itself might need some tending-to."

"That was until this week when an outage caused the NOTAM system to fail and all flights in the US were grounded for several hours, something that hasn’t happened since 9/11," the columnist pointed out.

"But bothersome tasks like keeping the planes flying, or the cargo ships moving, or the railroads secure, aren’t very sexy for Mayor Pete — who famously went on 'paternity leave' in the middle of a supply chain crisis," Moore continued.

"Being blindsided by catastrophe seems less like a bad day at the office for Privilege Pete and more like a lifestyle choice," the columnist suggested.

Even Democrats beginning to ask questions

Moore then maintained that the NOTAM failure along with Southwest Airlines stranding thousands of travelers over Christmas means that Democrats can no longer ignore Buttigieg's incompetence.

"After today, even the people who once propped up Michael Avenatti as a potential presidential contender will be forced to slink back and pipe down on their Oval Office aspirations for Mayor Pete," he wrote.

Moore referenced a tweet by former Republican turned Biden administration booster Ana Navarro, who was confused as to why her flight wasn't ready.

"Like Obama, Pete is a smooth talker and easily charms unmarried, childless women," Moore said as he drew to a close.

"But his hair isn’t the only thing that’s fake — the man hasn’t got a clue. Yet thanks to his magical gay puppy dog powers, no one seems to care."

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