Young voters deserting Biden when he needs them most

 December 18, 2023

A Washington Post analysis by chief correspondent Dan Balz noted on Saturday that President Joe Biden's support among young voters appears to be breaking up at a critical time when he most needs their votes in his re-election bid.

"Biden’s reelection hopes depend on his ability to reassemble the coalition that elected him in 2020," Balz wrote. "Through much of 2023, however, that coalition has been splintering, and it faces new strains over immigration and the war in the Middle East."

Young voters — especially young Black and Hispanic Americans — have shown signs of unease toward Biden," Balz added, hoping that their alarm over a second term for former President Donald Trump will cause them to skitter back into the Democrat fold.

Biden benefitted from hostility toward Trump in 2020, Balz argued, but now young voters may have become hostile toward Biden as well.

"No longer able to meet" challenges

What Balz didn't say but should have: When there is hostility toward both candidates, voters will pick the one with policies that benefit them more--and that's Trump, hands down.

And if they just can't bring themselves to vote for Trump, they'll stay home.

Surveys are revealing that a larger number of young voters plan to do just that--stay home and not vote for either candidate.

Majorities of young Hispanic and Black voters believe that “politics today are no longer able to meet the challenges our country is facing.”

Is Biden up for another term?

“Likability is really, really important in politics and even when they were not happy with something Obama did, they still liked him and had his back,” Obama pollster Cornell Belcher said.

In contrast, he argued, they are having trouble relating to the elderly Biden and aren't sure he's really up for another term.

A growing number are turning to third parties, which also hurts Biden by taking away votes he desperately needs.

Lets be real: Biden can't handle a second term. He's too old and his mental capacity is declining by the day. It's not fair to voters to make them choose between a senile president and (they feel) an evil and criminal one in Trump.

If Biden even knew what was going on, he'd bow out of the race tomorrow and give his party a chance of actually winning.

Young voters haven't yet learned to choose between the lesser of two evils, and if they choose a third party or sitting on their hands, Biden will lose and the Democrats know it.

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