Zelensky's Ukrainian government assassinating pro-Russia political opponents

December 7, 2023

According to President Joe Biden and his allies in the media and political establishment, Ukraine must be defended against Russia at all costs as some sort of last bastion of Western-style democracy and freedom.

Yet, multiple reports indicate that the Ukrainian government under President Volodymyr Zelensky just undemocratically assassinated at least two pro-Russia political opponents on the same day, and followed a similar incident last month, according to Breitbart.

All three Ukrainian men had been deemed "traitors" by Zelensky's administration and one was reportedly shot in the head in Russia while the other two were killed in car bombing attacks in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory.

Assassinated with gunfire in Russia

It was first reported Wednesday by Ukrainian media outlet Ukrinform that former Ukrainian parliament member Ilya Kiva, described as a "criminal" and  "top traitor, collaborator, and propagandist," had been killed by "small arms" gunfire in a "special operation" carried out by Ukraine's State Security Service known as the SBU.

The outlet cited its own sources within Ukrainian law enforcement as well as Russian media reports that a former Ukrainian lawmaker had been found dead in the vicinity of Moscow in Russia.

Breitbart reported that Kiva had been a pro-Russia member of parliament in Ukraine up until he fled to Russia for safety when the war started, after which he and other opposition politicians were kicked out of the legislative body -- and their opposition political parties banned -- under the auspices of the emergency martial law declared by Zelensky.

Kiva had been outspoken in his criticism of the Ukrainian president and government and was convicted in absentia last year for alleged "high treason" due to his expressed support for Russia.

Separate car bomb attack kills Zelensky opponent in Luhansk

The BBC reported that the assassination of Kiva was confirmed by a spokesman for Ukrainian military intelligence who also acknowledged that similar assassinations would also be carried out against other former Ukrainian politicians deemed disloyal to the current ruling regime under President Zelensky.

Spokesman Andriy Yusov told Ukrainian media, "Yes, we can confirm Kyva is no more. This fate will befall other traitors of Ukraine and puppets of Putin's regime."

That threat appears to have been backed up with action on the very same day, as the BBC noted in the same report that another pro-Russia Ukrainian politician, Oleg Popov, was killed in a car bombing in the Russia-occupied Ukrainian territory of Luhansk.

The Zelensky administration has not claimed credit for the killing of Popov, but Ukrainian media outlet Ukrainska Pravda reported that its sources had unofficially confirmed that Ukrainian security services had been responsible for the death of the "war criminal" and justified the assassination by claiming that Popov had previously led a pro-Russia "voluntary corps" of armed fighters.

Similar car bombing killed pro-Russia politician last month

According to the New York Post, Popov was reportedly found alive with "critical injuries" in the "mangled" remains of his exploded vehicle but later died from the wounds he suffered in the blast.

Popov had reportedly survived a previous assassination attempt against him last year, and his death comes roughly one month after another pro-Russia Ukrainian politician in Luhansk, Mikhail Filiponenko, was similarly killed in a car bomb attack that the Ukrainian government openly claimed credit for.

Filiponenko had been denounced by Ukraine's spy agency as a "war criminal" and his assassination was specifically intended as a warning to others that "traitors to Ukraine and collaborators with terrorist Russia … will receive just retribution!"

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