Biden and his campaign in denial regarding terrible polling numbers: Report

 May 15, 2024

There's no doubt that the White House is in panic mode over President Joe Biden's dwindling polling numbers. 

A recent Axios report delved into why the president and his White House handlers choose to remain in denial regarding the poor polling numbers, which are markedly lower this time around than they were at the same time leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

The outlet noted that Democratic sources familiar with the White House's thinking on the matter said that the president and his advisers truly don't believe the bad polling numbers and promise they aren't just saying that to spin a bad situation.

Yeah, right.

What's going on?

Democrats around the country have at least privately, if not publicly, urged the Biden administration to change gears given the terrible polling that shows former President Donald Trump trouncing him in most of the swing states that matter.

But inside the White House, the president and his advisers believe the polls simply doesn't reflect the true support for the president on the ground -- quite the gamble of a thought process for such a monumentally important election.

Biden has even reassured donors that they have nothing to worry about, as he believes he's actually ahead of Trump in the polls and recently said that he believes the polls are "moving away" from Trump, which is utterly false.

"While the press doesn't write about it, the momentum is clearly in our favor, with the polls moving towards us and away from Trump," Biden told donors at a recent dinner.

Biden's delusion is intense. Axios noted:

A few days earlier, confronted with some of his bad poll numbers in a rare interview with CNN, Biden offered a more sweeping indictment of polling methodology.

"The polling data has been wrong all along. How many — you guys do a poll at CNN. How many folks you have to call to get one response?"

It would be one thing to write off if there were a bad poll or two that wasn't in his favor, but the problem is that virtually all polls -- at least the ones that matter -- are absolutely not in Biden's favor. Not even close.

The numbers aren't lying

Axios provided several examples of Biden's continued bad polling.

A new New York Times/Sienna survey, which sampled more than 4,000 people across the swing states, had Trump winning five of them among registered voters.

A Bloomberg News poll last month similarly found Biden trailing Trump in six of seven swing states (they also polled North Carolina).

Even with mountains of data that shows just how unpopular Biden is, the administration continues to lie to the general public, telling them daily that the economy is just fine, and that the border crisis is being contained.

Americans aren't stupid, they see right through the lies, and it's seriously no wonder why voters are ready to steer far clear of another four years under Biden, politics aside.

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