Emma Heming Willis will write a caregiving book after Bruce's dementia diagnosis

 February 9, 2024

Emma Heming Willis's experiences as the caregiver for her husband, Bruce Willis, are the subject of the conversation.

Since 2009, Heming Willis and the lead actor from the famous "Die Hard" franchise, have been married, as reported by Fox News.

Willis chose to resign from the acting industry in March 2022, subsequent to receiving a diagnosis of aphasia, which subsequently progressed to frontotemporal dementia.

In anticipation of its publication in 2025, Heming Willis's forthcoming book will likely serve as a valuable resource for individuals undergoing similar circumstances to her own.

Comments From the Author

"For me, knowledge is power, and building a supportive community around me has been vital," Heming Willis said in a statement.

"It has brought stability and a certain amount of control back, control that was completely shattered when the diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia first came into our family’s world."

His personal experiences, as well as the advice of experts and interviews, will be incorporated into the book, which does not yet have a title.

"Dementia not only affects your loved one but can shake a whole family’s foundation and self if you allow it," Heming Willis said in a statement.

"Identifying the right resources to educate and enlighten myself has been powerful and has allowed me the space to continue to move forward in the most positive way so that I can be the best mother, wife, daughter, friend and care partner. I want to be able to share that with the next person who finds themselves here."

The book written by Heming Willis will be distributed by Maria Shriver's The Open Field, which was established in 2021 in collaboration with other organizations, including Penguin Life.

"I’m so proud of the way she is using her voice to help others," Shriver said in a statement. "Caregivers are unsung heroes in our society. They need guidance, support, knowledge, along with community and a roadmap."

Rumer Glenn Willis, Scout LaRue Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Mabel Ray Willis, and Evelyn Penn Willis are Willis's five children.

Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah are all children that Willis had with his ex-wife, Demi Moore. Together with Heming Willis, he is the father of Mabel and Evelyn.

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