Former Santos campaign leader pleads guilty to election-related crimes

 October 8, 2023

A former campaign treasurer for Rep. George Santos (R-NY) pleaded guilty to one charge of fraud conspiracy in federal court.

Nancy Marks, 58, claimed in court that the campaign reported false financial reports to show that Santos loaned his own campaign a half-million dollars.

The situation

"Marks, a familiar figure in Long Island’s Republican political circles, faces up to five years in prison and a possible restitution fine. Her plea agreement includes a recommendation that she receive three-and-a-half to four years behind bars," the New York Post reported.

“Marks has admitted that she conspired with a congressional candidate to lie to the FEC and, by extension, the public about the financial state of the candidate’s campaign for New York’s Third Congressional District, falsely inflating the campaign’s reported receipts with non-existent contributions and loans,” US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Breon Peace said in a statement, according to the report.

The problem

"To impress party leaders, she said, Santos submitted bogus campaign finance reports falsely saying he had loaned his campaign $500,000 even though in reality he didn’t have that kind of money and the loan didn’t exist," the Associated Press reported.

"The fake loan made Santos look way richer than he really was, and also helped him hit fundraising thresholds needed to qualify for backing from a national GOP committee," it added.

Santos next?

"Santos was indicted on 13 felony counts earlier this year, including 7 counts of wire fraud, 3 counts of money laundering, 2 counts of making false statements to the House of Representatives, and 1 count of theft of public funds," the Daily Wire reported.

Santos allegedly lied in financial disclosures and tricked donors with his faked credentials during his 2022 campaign, according to the claims.

The case could be a shakeup for Republicans who face a rocky situation regarding whether to support Santos or oppose him and potentially lose a seat in the House in 2024.

The potential loss adds to growing concerns over Republicans seeking to keep power in the House in 2024.

The case with the former treasurer is now moving forward but it's still uncertain what will happen with her sentencing and with Santos in the days ahead.

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