Melania Trump steering clear of NY trial to avoid negative press: Report

 May 15, 2024

As former President Donald Trump's New York "hush money" trial enters its final days, many have kept track of who showed up to court to back him. 

His critics are always attempting to create negative stories about his relationship with wife Melania Trump, and many have taken shots at the president for not having his wife by his side at trial.

However, that's not because Melania doesn't support her husband, it's because she's avoiding having the press create negative stories, according to The Hill.

Melania has a proven track record of staying out of the public limelight in order to protect her family and namely, her son Barron Trump.

What's happening?

Former Melania Trump adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff predicted that the former first lady will likely skip accompanying her husband to trial in an effort to avoid negative press, suggesting Melania wants to avoid "humiliation."

"I don’t think we’re going to see Melania Trump accompany Donald to court," Wolkoff said in a CNN interview.

She later added, "I do not see her supporting him in this way because she is not someone … I think that you can feel that humiliation without having to put yourself in front of the cameras."

The former adviser explained that Melania's moves are highly calculated.

"Everything Melania does is staged and everything is articulated in a way for her before she does her interviews. So, everything, as I said, is very strategically planned. She is not going to put herself in a position where she’s given anyone the opportunity to say anything negative about her," Wolkoff said.

Many have suggested that Melania is avoiding the trial given the nature of the testimony from Stormy Daniels and others.

Creating fake narratives

The mainstream media has worked overtime taking shots at President Trump for the lack of appearances by his wife on the campaign trail, though Trump has addressed those concerns multiple times, promising that she will join him on the trail when she feels the time is right.

Wolkoff explained in a nutshell that Melania does what she wants and doesn't let the pressure get to her.

"There is a strength within her that is unlike any other individual I’ve ever met. She does not care what others feel about her, nor does she feel she ever had to really explain anything to the American people," Wolkoff said.

Only time will tell if Melania ultimately joins him for a day at trial, but the sad news is that the media will pounce and create yet another fake, negative narrative about them if she does.

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