Michelle Obama shares mixed feelings about daughters living together in LA

 October 24, 2023

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said in People Magazine that she is glad to see her daughters get along well enough to decide to live together in a Los Angeles apartment now that they are adults. 

She didn't want to act too happy when Sasha, 22, and Malia, 25, told her they were going to live together, she said.

"You try not to react too much because it's like, you don't want to go, 'Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you!' because then they think, 'Well, maybe this is not a good thing if my mom likes it.,'" she said.

She continued, "So I just said: 'Okay, well that's interesting that you guys are going to try living together. We'll see how it goes.' But yeah, it feels good to know that the two girls you raised find solace at a kitchen table with one another. It's like the one thing you want for them."

House rules

She told the hosts of the Today Show it was funny how the girls were very particular about house rules when their parents visit, such as using coasters.

"I'm like: 'You never used a coaster in my house.' So now when it’s your stuff, you want to take care of it?" she joked.

She also made light of the girls trying to make cocktails for the former first couple.

"The martinis were a little weak. I don’t think they really knew what it was," she said.

Obama also said that she's glad the girls have a close relationship, even though that wasn't always the case.

"I think they become even closer now that they're out on the other side," she said. "But yeah, it makes me feel really, really good. Not just that they're living together, but they're thriving together — and they're thriving on their own as individual young women."

Living their best lives

While their parents own multiple million-dollar homes that they pay for with millions in book sales and Netflix deals, the girls are trying to make their own way in the world.

Malia took her Harvard degree to Hollywood and is working as a producer and director on various projects, while Sasha seems to still be looking for a job after recently graduating from USC.

I'm sure they'll get by with their parents' help to pay for their trendy Echo Park pad.

Not much is known about exactly where they live, or about their lifestyle. They have been spotted at some high-profile parties, and have been recognized on the fashion scene from time to time.

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