Psaki destroyed after attempt to revise events of Biden checking his watch during fallen troop ceremony

 May 14, 2024

Most honest people remember the shameful moment when President Joe Biden looked down at his watch -- multiple times -- during a ceremony for the 13 fallen troops killed in his botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

According to the Daily Mail, Biden's former press secretary, Jen Psaki, reportedly tried to revise history in her book, "Say More: Lessons from Work, the White House, and the World," by claiming that the president only looked at his watch when the ceremony was finished.

She doubled down on that claim by saying any other version of the story was "misinformation."

Multiple fact-checkers at the time corrected the White House's account of what happened, as clear video footage shows that he checked his watch at least twice as the ceremony was taking place.

Called out

Psaki was called out by many for the grossly false claim and initially refused to respond to the controversy.

Axios noted:

Psaki's book is the latest instance of current and former Biden administration officials downplaying or misrepresenting controversial episodes from the Afghanistan withdrawal ahead of the 2024 election.

Even as she eventually acknowledged the shameful revision of history to try and make her former boss not look like an insensitive space cadet, she downplayed it.

After the story was published and pressure increased, Psaki said the "detail in a few lines of the book about the exact number of times he looked at his watch will be removed in future reprints and the ebook."

Social media exploded in the wake of her attempt to cover for the White House, with many calling out her self-proclaimed title of "journalist" at her new MSNBC gig.

Gold Star families erupt

For many of the Gold Star family members who lost one of the 13 servicemembers who died during Biden's disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Psaki's claim was like ripping off the scar of a healing wound.

That's because most of them witnessed, in person, Biden checking his watch on multiple occasions while the ceremony for their fallen heroes was happening.

"It’s devastating. But it’s not really surprising from this administration and from the people that have worked in it. They continue to lie, to manipulate facts, and change their narratives to support their narratives, and to try to change the history, regardless of what mishaps they’ve done, and for them to do it at the expense of us Gold Star parents at a moment that we’re grieving the most for our children as they’re passing the caskets by," Gold Star father Steve Nikoui told Fox News.

Gold Star father Darin Hoover said Psaki "is just a vile and shameless human being who’s trying to make money off of our kids’ backs and rewrite history and establish those lies for the Biden administration on their failures, their catastrophic failures…it’s been nothing but lies all along, until we’ve been able to speak with the Congressmen."

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