Psaki highlights Biden's unusual early morning address on bank crisis

 March 14, 2023

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki remarked Monday that President Joseph Biden normally "does nothing at 9 a.m.," in response to Biden's Monday morning statements on Silicon Valley Bank's failure, and praised the president for getting up early.

“What he needs to project to the public is, ‘We’ve got this, we have a plan, we made decisions. We are addressing this,’” Psaki, an MSNBC host, said, according to The Daily Caller.

“That’s what people need to hear from him. It is important to know that President Biden does nothing at 9:00 a.m., he is a night owl.”

“The fact he is doing this at 9 a.m. anyway speaks to how vital the White House recognizes this is to have his voice out there, conveying it to the American public,” Psaki added.

Biden's Comments

Biden addressed the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Monday, and said that customers of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank would “have access to their money” and that taxpayers would not be on the hook. The FDIC shut down Signature Bank Sunday, citing “systemic risk,” as CNBC reported.

In a February 2021 CNN article, Biden was depicted as having a "early-to-bed" schedule, according to certain social media posts.

According to CNBC, federal authorities shut down Silicon Valley Bank on Friday after its stock price plummeted and clients initiated a bank run in response to the financial institution's admission of a $1.8 billion loss on asset sales due to high-interest rates.

On Monday, the British bank HSBC disclosed its acquisition of Silicon Valley Bank's Britain business for one pound.

Demands of Being the President

Many, particularly Republicans have questioned whether President Joe Biden is physically up to the job of being the president, due to the long hours and heavy travel demands.

The President of the United States faces a challenging and demanding lifestyle, with a rigorous schedule and immense physical and mental pressures. The role requires an individual with exceptional stamina and resilience, as they navigate both domestic and international affairs.

The President typically works 12-16 hours a day, often with no weekends or holidays off. They are expected to be available and engaged around the clock, dealing with pressing issues and making crucial decisions affecting millions of lives.

The President frequently travels within the United States and internationally, attending summits, conferences, and state visits. Jet lag and the exhaustion from constant travel take a toll on the body, requiring the President to maintain good health and adapt to different time zones quickly.

The President must maintain a strong and confident public image, regularly delivering speeches, attending events, and meeting with various constituents. This can be physically demanding, as they must project energy and charisma while maintaining a professional demeanor.

High pressure job

The pressure of making high-stakes decisions daily can be mentally and emotionally draining. The President must be able to cope with stress, maintain focus, and handle the weight of the responsibilities that come with the position.

Amidst the demanding schedule, the President must prioritize their physical and mental well-being. This includes exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, and finding time for relaxation and hobbies to mitigate stress and avoid burnout.

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