DANIEL VAUGHAN: Biden's New Low: Siding With Hamas

 May 8, 2024

Hamas is a lying terrorist organization. We know this because that's what terrorist organizations do, and the list of things Hamas has lied about could fill out the entire career of some historians. The most obvious point is Hamas reporting deaths, which is about as accurate a number as China reporting new cases and deaths from COVID-19. If you believe that, I've got a beachfront property in Kansas to sell you.

But being mad at that is like being angry at a scorpion for stinging. It's what a scorpion does. What shouldn't happen is people falling for or going along with such traps. That's where Joe Biden is these days. He's going along with Hamas narratives.

Out of the blue, news agencies started repeating a Hamas press release this week: "Hamas accepts Gaza ceasefire." That headline implies there's an agreement in place, and Hamas signed it on the dotted line. This happened while Israel was conducting operations, which the same news agencies dutifully reported as Israel "violating" an agreement.

But this didn't happen, not even in the slightest. Hamas said they accepted a ceasefire. They actually rewrote a deal, published it to the press, and claimed they accepted a ceasefire.

It's like Hamas walked up to you and said, "Thank you for selling your home to us for $100!" They did this while you were out grabbing the mail, confused because no agreement ever happened.

In the New York Times, Peter Baker was one of the few who saw through the ruse.

In fact, Hamas did not "accept" a ceasefire deal so much as make a counteroffer to the proposal on the table previously blessed by the United States and Israel — a counteroffer that was not itself deemed acceptable but a sign of progress. At the same time, Israel's strikes in Rafah evidently were not the start of the long-threatened major operation but targeted retaliation for Hamas rocket attacks that killed four Israeli soldiers over the weekend — and along with the warning to civilians, a way to increase pressure on Hamas negotiators.

As Jim Geraghty in National Review notes, this is a common tactic of Hamas: making a loud announcement that you've done something when, in fact, you've done nothing.

It would be one thing if this were a PR tactic, but the press and White House are going along with it. The Hamas announcement came while the Biden administration was in Egypt helping negotiate matters. Biden was already in the process of removing ammunition from Israel despite Congress funding Israel's push against Hamas.

The Hamas announcement infuriated Israel because they claimed Biden knew about it and didn't inform them. The announcement was sprung on them, aiding Hamas's narrative building in the press.

Biden is trying to refute these charges. But late Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that in addition to ammunition, Biden is now denying bomb shipments to Israel. Biden lectures the country for not getting Ukraine what it needs while explicitly denying Israel the ability to destroy Hamas.

And let's be clear: Hamas is a genocidal terrorist group that exists to murder Jews. Hamas has no other purpose on earth. Biden is actively preventing the destruction of that group. That's why his speech condemning the "ferocious surge" of antisemitism in America during a Holocaust remembrance ceremony rings hollow.

Condemning antisemitism while providing material and rhetorical support to a genocidal terrorist group responsible for murdering Jews and Americans is a new low. You can check any poll on the issue, too. Americans overwhelmingly support Israel and destroying Hamas. Biden is playing to a radical segment of his party because he fears losing in November.

Even members of Biden's own party are getting livid with him over approaching Israel with a forked tongue and double-mind. Senator John Fetterman is a better source of moral clarity on the issue than anyone in the White House.

Hamas lied about a ceasefire deal in a bid to avoid attacks by Israel's military. Biden is playing along with that and denying Israel material support. Hamas lied, and Biden nodded along. This isn't about Bibi Netanyahu, Israeli politics, or any other wonky issue. It's about the United States aligning itself with the goals of a terrorist organization.

Biden betrayed Israel, and he's betraying the United States. Americans are clear in rejecting the idiocy of the antisemitic mob on university campuses. Biden is swallowing it hook, line, and sinker. Hamas is lying about what is happening, and the White House is lining up behind that pivot because they believe it helps them politically.

Biden's foreign policy has had many lows. He's found a new one in providing material aid and support to Hamas.

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