DANIEL VAUGHAN: Democrats Launch Coup Against Joe Biden

 July 3, 2024

There's a palace coup underway to remove Joe Biden from the upcoming election. That's not a conspiracy theory or some wild-eyed opinion; it's a verified fact. The Biden White House is trying to survive an onslaught from within the Democratic Party to remove Biden from the ticket.

In a bid to survive, the Biden campaign released internal polling showing Biden only down by one point across all battleground states. The Washington Post reported Biden's numbers, "The results, described in a memo by campaign pollster Geoff Garin of Hart Research, were circulated with the intent of calming Democrats, who fear that Biden's stumbles could undermine his candidacy."

However, all that work was undone when more internal Democratic polls were leaked to Puck News. Those polls showed Biden woefully behind before the debate but imploding post-debate. If the numbers in those internal polls are correct, then North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan won't even be battlegrounds. Instead, the actual battlegrounds are Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.

In short, we have dueling polls from Democrats telling two radically different stories of Joe Biden's chances in the race. Instead of focusing on the numbers, neither of which represent what we're seeing in public polling, we need to focus on who is leaking these numbers: Democrats.

These aren't polls attempting to find the truth. They are polls whose express purpose is to dictate the narratives around the Biden campaign. We're witnessing, in real-time, both the press and Democrats turn on Biden in a soft-pressure campaign to push him out the door.

I'd emphasize this is soft power because, in most of these stories, journalists, pundits, and politicians all emphasize how much they "love" Joe Biden. It's an attempt to build an off-ramp for Joe Biden to "leave gracefully." If he takes that ramp, the press will laud him, fluff him, and get everyone to forget the debate performance.

If Biden rebuffs these overtures, the press will move to much harder stories. The New York Times is already moving in that direction. The Times issued the first major call for Biden to step down, with the editorial board calling for Biden to step aside. In the days since, the Times has shifted coverage of Biden's physical limitations, casting them in a negative light.

Before the debate, the New York Times led the charge defending Biden. On June 21, just days before the debate, the Times published a piece headlined: "How Misleading Videos Are Trailing Biden as He Battles Age Doubts."

Now, all those anecdotes, videos, and stories are evidence Biden can't do the job. One debate night flipped the media's coverage of the Biden campaign. Americans have told pollsters for over a year that they believed Biden was losing a step. The press decided to admit reality after an indefensible debate.

After Biden gave a brief speech on the Supreme Court's recent decision on Donald Trump's immunity claims, CNN nuked the Biden campaign. Anderson Cooper had Carl Bernstein, a legendary Watergate journalist, who reported that he had sources saying that Biden's age and health issues went back to last year.

Every attempt of the Biden White House to survive the debate fumble results in the press pushing back harder. Now, Biden is running to ABC News' George Stephanopoulos for an emergency sit-down interview. Biden ran to Stephanopoulos after the Afghanistan debacle, too. 

Stephanopoulos is a former Clinton White House aide and a friendly ear for most Democrats who need a helpful interview. The question now is whether Biden will get the same safe harbor from the ABC News host. 

It's unclear. All the major outlets believe that Biden needs to step down. It's unknown whether or not that means the race or the White House entirely, but either way, Biden can't stay. Biden's attempts to survive getting pushed to the side by a press that has picked a side in the internal battles of the Democratic Party. 

Ultimately, Biden holds all the keys to this decision. He sits in the White House, he has all the delegates because Democrats didn't want a primary, and Biden's family is the one calling the shots with Joe. 

That's why the panic is getting louder and more specific. At this stage, the only thing we're missing is a press report revealing that Biden has a disease like dementia, Alzheimer's, or something similar. If that happens and his cabinet revolts like the rest of the press and the Democratic Party, we could be facing a 25th Amendment situation. 

Whatever the case, a palace coup is a reality in American politics. Democrats do not want Joe Biden to face voters in November. The question is whether Joe Biden will accept this plan. 

Meanwhile, Donald Trump can run his campaign in peace. He can run ads, knock on doors, and keep to himself. He's getting the best thing of all: the 2024 election will be about Joe Biden and nothing else. That benefits Donald Trump the most.

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