Alexander Soros, son of the radical billionaire activist, visited Biden's White House 14 times

 April 9, 2023

Radical leftist billionaire George Soros is often criticized for his involvement in politics, but until this week, nobody was talking about his son, who appears to have an incredible amount of political influence.

According to Fox News, Alexander Soros, son of the billionaire, has visited President Joe Biden's White House more than a dozen times since he took office.

The young Soros has met with a long list of top Biden administration officials, though the content of those meetings is mostly unknown.

It does prove that Alexander Soros wields great influence over some of the nation's top Democrats, which is a scary thought on many levels.

So many meet-ups

Alexander Soros has met with the "who's who" of the Democratic Party, including names like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Fox News noted of his White House visits:

The logs detailing visits by Soros to the White House were first reported by the New York Post on Saturday and revealed that the billionaire's son made a trip to the White House on December 1, 2022, the day he met with then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain's assistant, Nina Srivastava, who also served on Biden's presidential campaign.

It continued:

One day later, on December 2 of last year, records showed that Soros had meetings with Mariana Adame, advisor to the counselor to the president, and Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer.

Alexander Soros also had "earlier 2022 meetings with Adame on Oct. 14, Srivastava on Sept. 14, and Finer on three different occasions (Dec. 15, Oct. 6 and Sept. 15)."

Clearly, Biden's White House is quite interested in the young radical, who is obviously carrying the proverbial torch of his father's Democratic fundraising ventures.

"Incalculable damage"

Appropriately, many have raised concerns over his frequent visits to Biden's White House, including Heritage Foundation Oversight Project director Mike Howell.

"The death and destruction of their policies are evident at our borders and in our crime-infested cities. The left is addicted to their money, and they don't even bother hiding it anymore," Howell told Fox News Digital.

He added that Alexander Soros' visits are concerning, given that the Soros family "has done incalculable damage to our country."

While there are many issues and scandals for House Republicans to dig into during this session of Congress, hopefully they add this situation to the list, as there's probably much more to his visits than meets the eye.

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