Alvin Bragg blames 'lack of evidence' as he drops dozens of cases against leftist protesters

 June 26, 2024

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) moved heaven and earth to convict Donald Trump, but the radical prosecutor knows how to blow an easy case when politics demands it.

In another political move, the radical prosecutor is dropping charges against dozens of masked leftists who occupied a Columbia University building in the spring, blaming a "lack of evidence."

Bragg drops dozens of cases

The anti-Israel activists barricaded themselves inside of Hamilton Hall for hours, smashing windows and furniture.

Police in riot gear had to enter the building through a window to end the April 30 occupation, which sent a chill through the Jewish community.

Despite this rather brazen lawlessness, Bragg's team says they can't go after the majority of the protesters because they wore masks and blocked security cameras.

“As we said in court, the defendants whose cases were dismissed had no criminal history and there was extremely limited video evidence, which made it challenging to determine the specific actions of each individual," Bragg's office told the New York Post. 

Even trespassing charges are somehow beyond Bragg's capabilities. It's quite a shift from only weeks ago, when Bragg worked all sorts of legal magic in his case against Trump for "hush money."

A group of protesters gathered outside of Bragg's office Monday to denounce his latest decision, saying it would embolden anti-Semitism. 

"To not prosecute trespass claiming a lack of evidence, when the individuals were literally arrested in the location of their trespass, is on its face ridiculous," Alan Minel, the Chairman of the Board Holocaust Museum and Tolerance Center of Long Island said.

No one above the law?

The decision not to charge leftist lawbreakers fits a pattern from Bragg, who has routinely failed to go after serious criminals.

Bragg's star in the Democratic party is on the rise after he secured a guilty verdict against Trump in May for "falsifying business records." Democrats have touted the verdict as proof that "no one is above the law."

Jewish Democratic congressman Jerry Nadler (Ny.) defended Bragg's decision not to prosecute people who illegally took over a building as a justifiable use of discretion.

"The reality is, many of the cases related to the protests at Columbia University are difficult to prosecute due to a lack of evidence, and the vast majority involved first-time offenders,” Nadler said in a statement.

“I stand by his judgment in this matter.”

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