Andrew Cuomo says Trump's 'hush money' case was motivated by politics

 June 24, 2024

Andrew Cuomo, the once mighty governor of New York, has slammed his fellow Democrats for weaponizing justice against Donald Trump.

In an interview with Bill Maher, Cuomo acknowledged that Trump's "hush money" prosecution was motivated by politics.

Cuomo on Trump verdict

Cuomo, who served as attorney general of New York before rising to governor, said the case should have never been brought.

"And if his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn't running for president – I'm the former AG of New York – I'm telling you that case would've never been brought," he added. "That's what is offensive to people, and it should be because if there's anything left, it's belief in the justice system."

Trump was found guilty of "falsifying business records" in May. While the crime is usually charged as a misdemeanor, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg used a contorted, unprecedented legal theory to bypass the statute of limitations and charge Trump with 34 individual felonies.

The judge in the case was also blatantly biased and even allowed jurors to find Trump guilty without reaching unanimity about Trump's crime.

Cuomo ripped Democrats as hypocrites for claiming to champion democracy while they cheer the weaponization of justice.

“And you want to talk about a threat to democracy: When you have this country believing you’re playing politics with the justice system and you’re trying to put people in jail or convict them for political reasons, then we have a real problem,” he said.

Liberated to tell the truth

While it's unclear how the verdict will impact Trump at the polls, it has fueled a fundraising surge that has wiped Joe Biden's cash advantage.

Democrats have exploited the verdict for all it's worth, with Joe Biden reportedly planning to bring it up during the first presidential debate on Thursday.

Cuomo knows better than most how ruthless and dirty the Democrats are.

In 2020, he was puffed up by his fellow Dems and their media mouthpieces as a hero and Trump foil for his aggressive response to COVID - even as New Yorkers fumed over a scandal in the state's nursing homes.

Eventually, Cuomo was cut loose by the Dems with all the ceremony of a mob hit following a sexual harassment scandal.

Like a penitent criminal, Andrew Cuomo has now been freed to tell the truth about his former associates and their ruthless schemes.

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