Arrests made outside Supreme Court as justices hear arguments in abortion case

 March 27, 2024

This week saw America's highest judicial body hear arguments in a case concerning the abortion drug known as mifepristone.

Other arguments could be heard outside the Supreme Court, however, with over a dozen demonstrators being taken into custody. 

Thirteen pro-abortion demonstrated arrested

According to the Daily Mail, 13 pro-abortion advocates were arrested for "illegally blocking roads and then a walkway" on Tuesday.

That development came as hundreds of others demonstrated in favor of keeping mifepristone legal or called for the drug to be banned.

The Daily Mail noted how violence was absent despite members of both groups waving signs and sometimes yelling at one another.

FDA maintains that pro-life doctors lack standing to challenge its regulations

As Fox News explained, justices are being asked to decide whether a group of pro-life doctors have standing to challenge a decision by the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) to relax regulations concerning mifepristone.

Erin Hawley serves as senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, and she spoke in favor of the doctors' position.

"It's quite troubling. It's one thing to say no one has standing in a taxpayer case where it affects everyone," Hawley said of the FDA's argument.

"Here you have the FDA who's not publicly accountable at all really, and has continually deregulated mifepristone. So I think that will be something the court really struggles with," she added.

Justice Samuel Alito clashes with solicitor general

Fox News noted that Justice Samuel Alito seemed to signal frustration during an exchange with Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, who is representing the FDA.

"The statement was made that no court has ever previously second-guessed the FDA's judgment about access to a drug. It's never second-guessed that? Do you think the FDA is infallible?" Alito asked.

"It's never second-guessed that? Do you think the FDA is infallible?" he continued, adding, "So your argument is that it doesn't matter if FDA flagrantly violated the law or didn't do what it should have done, endanger the health of women."

When indicated that this was not the case, Alito responded with, ""It's just too bad, and nobody can sue in court?"

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